Sales - A Lesser Job?

Once, an ex-classmate saw me selling books at a counter and exclaimed, "No need lah!" which is our way of saying, "I'm sure you can do better than this, why suffer!" I cringed.

Perhaps it's my cold acting up that I'm a little melancholic lately, toying with the thought that perhaps I should move on to a more respectable job? A sales job isn't the most sought after job in my country. Many people look down on sales people. There is not one single sales-person out there who doesn't have a story to tell of his/her client from h*** .
It's funny how basic courtesies are discarded when people meet salesmen. I once visited a family that let their dog barked at me without restraint while they expect me to tell them the purpose of my visit above the din. When I couldn't make myself heard above the ferocious barking, the man arrogantly waved me away. I left after glancing at the huge cross hanging on their front door.
And my colleagues had it worse when they were literally 'swept' away during a home-visit. They were talking to the man of the house at the door while the woman of the house stood between them and swept dust right onto their feet! In Asian culture, this is the worst insult! You sweep dirt out of the house, NOT people.
Each time I face rejection, I take them in my strides as part and parcel of my job, but I can't help feeling a sense of disappointment when someone disregard another fellow human being with such disdain. And when I meet Christians who misbehave thus, my disappointment doubles.
May God have mercy on snobbish people that they won't find themselves retrenched and soliciting for sales on the streets! Then, there are nice people who, by choice, choose to be gentle with us, offering us drinks, treating us as guests, may the Lord richly bless and reward these kind souls, many of whom aren't Christians.
So, while my ex-classmate misconceives that I'm down and out, she has no idea that I've chosen one of the most challenging careers in the world! I know God is working out His plans in my life through this job and as long as God is with me, I don't care what others think of me. :)


Saviour, Please

Are you burdened and heavy laden?
Let the lyrics of this song minister to your weary soul:

Savior please, take my hand
I work so hard, I live so fast
This life begins, and then it ends
And I do the best that I can, but I don't know how long it'll last

I try to be so tough
But I'm just not strong enough
I can't do this alone, God I need You to hold on to me
I try to be good enough
But I'm nothing without Your love
Savior, please keep saving me

Savior, please help me stand
I fall so hard, I fade so fast
Will You begin right where I end
And be the God of all I am because You're all that I have

Everything You are to me
Is everything I'll ever need
And I'm learning to believe
That I don't have to prove a thing
'Cos You're the One who's saving me
I try to be so tough

How Much Longer?

Waiting ... I've labored hard these days for two important things; my job and someone's salvation. Both are slow in bearing fruits. My patience has been stretched and tested, sometimes to the breaking point. My faith wavers. "Was it really You Lord who have called me into this???"

Then, each time I doubted, encouraging thoughts would come in, like, "What is seen is transient, what is unseen is eternal", "All things work together for good, with those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose." "It is more blessed to give than to receive." And simply, "Hang on."

I know in there somewhere, in my mind, heart or intestines, that it is not time to leave the two goals that have sustained my enthusiasm these past 6 months. Nothing has been accomplished yet! At least, nothing that can be seen has been accomplished yet. Yet, something inside says that I can't go yet.

Doubts came when I counted my costs, in terms of time, money and effort. Goodness, I'd toiled for the past 6 months, and earned nothing in the balance! You know, taking away the expenses etc. from my income, I'm left with nothing, may be even a negative number!

I'd told myself a few months' back that hey, some missionaries are working with no financial support and over here, I've an opportunity to earn an income while I witness for the Lord, I'm better off! ... Yes, I acknowledge, I'm indeed better off than many worthy children of God who risk life and limbs for our Saviour, and here I'm whining...

But, I can't help it. I'm only human God and I'm so tired. I've worked my butts off literally, I used to have a round butt, now it's flat! Perhaps You can spend a little less time on my hair, and start counting my sales? Please?

Ah, I'm not dictating what God can do in my life... God is not my God if He can't have His ways in my life, and His ways are always good, and yields far-fetching results beyond our wildest dreams. I'm just tired, and I shall just eat, drink and sleep, and eat, drink and sleep again till I gain enough strength to run the next 40 days and 40 nights like Jeremiah did!


Blog Recommendation

This is an advertisment: I'm recommending this blog, Blest Atheist by Elizabeth Mahlou for reading, in particular this post on God's Will. Her blog will bless you, trust me ;) .



This is a confession, I'm tired trying to do God's will, or what I perceive as God's will. I did what I thought He has led me to do, but time and again, when it seems when the time for harvesting is near, that I realize it's no way at all near! What has happened to all the seeds I've scattered? My time, sweat, labour and tears?

There's a Chinese saying, that says my good works have gone to the dogs, and you've not appreciated the things I've done for you! I shouldn't be whining, I know. I've no right to whine because you've not asked for my help, but I've initiated it. You're human and you fail my expectation, but I'm human too, and I fail MY own expectation. Sheesh...

Well, I acknowledge, I'm just plain impatient. God has indeed roped me in in His good works for men, and at the same time, my God is molding me along the way. I still feel like a child, His child in the molding and I'm glad He bothers with me...

Ah, I'm running out of fuel, spiritual and emotional fuel, even my physical strength is failing, and my back hurts! I may have wandered away from God's leading and did things my ways and in my own limited strength. What shall I do next?

I shall rest in God, slow down, pray, be quiet as a child in her mum's bosom, step back a little, and see if God will show His next move for me... I'm always so full of actions that I may just rush in to work out all my plans, but really, for now, I'm thinking, I should just mind my own business, no, not that I shouldn't care anymore, but I've done all I could to help this person out that I know not what else to do. I shall leave her for a while, nurture my own spiritual walk with God again, and sharpen my skills at my job and contribute to my company's sales. I commit her into God's hands.

As best as I remember, the Bible says in Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and rely not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall make straight your path."

I'm so tired, God please quiet me down.


10% 90%

Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.


Your Brother Is Better Than Mine!

Some memories make me smile and this is one of them...

One day several years' back, something noble inside Yong prompted him to say to Wei: "You know, I think your brother is better than mine!"

Blinking and without skipping a beat, Wei replied coolly, "Nah! YOUR BROTHER is better than mine."

Yong repeated sincerely, "No, no, no, yours is DEFINITELY better than mine."

Wei modestly declined and insisted, "NO, I say yours better!"

Yong, "No, yours better!"

Wei, "No, yours better!"

And they continued till the cows come home while I was bent over laughing in the background. Yong and Wei are brothers, my sons. :)


Counting Your Hair?

How much hair have you got? Do you bother to find out? No? Sure, you've got better things to do, I understand...

Now, why do I ask such a stupid question? Because it's mentioned in the Bible that God knows the number of hair on our heads! Imagine everytime you pick up a comb and an angel is poised to count your hair loss! Hilarious isn't it? Why the heck does God care about hair? He cares for the sparrows, and not one falls to the ground without His knowledge, well that I can understand, but our hair?! Why does He bother to keep a record of it? Really why?

I don't know why except to be amazed at God's great interest in every minute detail of our lives.

It's like the way a new mom adores her baby. She loves her infant dearly and tenderly care for all parts of his little body from head to toes. Perhaps this relationship is a glimpse of how God cares for us, except that His love never changes, and He continues to care for us from infancy to old age, from newborn hairlessness, to lustrous crown of glory, and to baldness again.

I'm musing on this hair thingy after reading Analisa's post, I'm so unlucky where she shares that nothing is co-incidental in our lives because God cares. She doesn't believe in luck, and neither do I.

Nothing that has happened to us or that'll happen to us escapes God's eyes. He's in control and He lovingly guides us in His will which is perfect for us.

Cast your burdens to Him all ye heavy ladened for He cares for you.



Another colleague leaving the company as he finds it tough going. I'm with this company for about 6 months and so far 4 colleagues have left. It saddens me. It puzzles me that I'm sad. Why? Why am I sad that people leave for greener pasture? I've been on good terms with them but our friendships, save one, isn't really that in depth. I don't know whether it's pre-menopausal symptoms or what but I'm really becoming sentimental and emotional nowadays. Argh, one more colleague leaving, I'm sadden whenever one leaves, like I've lost something... I wish them all the best.


God Said No!

I asked God to give me Happiness!
God said, No. I give you blessings, happiness is up to you.

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life!
God said, No. I give you life so you may enjoy all things.

Food for thought: God has indeed blessed us exceedingly. We already have the abundant life. What we need to do is to start being appreciative for ALL the big and little things He has freely given us to enjoy.

Rejoice for this is the day that the Lord has made!


Love Before Righting Wrongs

Ah, this title reflects my sentiments indeed! We have a tendency to reprimand people for their mistakes rather than to be gracious and forgiving.

I witnessed this at work two days' back when both my colleagues were doing a sales presentation together. The senior colleague was the main presenter while the junior colleague was to entertain the children and keep them occupied so that their mother could have a peace of mind to listen to the presentation. However, the junior colleague absent-mindedly let one of the kids ran off unknowingly, thus distracting the parent who went looking for her child instead. The presentation stopped and she was angrily ticked off by her senior.

It happened again yesterday while she partnered me, again the kid ran off without her knowledge and I asked her to go after him. Thank God that I didn't loose my head, and thank God that I wasn't at all angry because it is scientifically proven that children run faster than you can follow, they kinda possess super power, it takes just a second for them to disappear into thin air, puff... and they're gone, kids will be kids.

May I emphasize here that I'm not blowing my trumpet. I could have reacted the same way my colleague did but I didn't because God has placed a love in my heart for this younger colleague and has specifically told me to take care of her.

"Love before righting wrongs" Love is patient and kind, love forgives, and love does wonders, in us and in others. I pray that God will always help me place love above anything else, above lost sales and lost income. (For the record, I've not lost that sale yet, I've yet to follow up on the parent)

Who would you listen to, look up to, who would you follow and learn from? The one who chew you up or the one who let you off when you make a mistake? I've tasted time and again God's forgiveness, Jesus' compassion and the Holy Spirit's solace, may I extend the mercy I receive from God to those whom He loves through me.

Forgive me if I should fall and fail you in the future Lord, but please help me not to hurt those whom you love through me that your work in them be not undone through my mistakes ...

A Wise Young Man

"Worship before works. Love before righting wrongs" The wise young man who spouted this in his blog is my younger son. He has entertained me with his antics since the day he was born, and I've always wanted to blog about him and his jokes, but somehow I just don't know where to begin... I used to worry about the kind of person he would grow up to be as he has a very sensitive side and tends to do things to the extreme, but God has raised him so well, praise God. :) What's he like? I think you'll get a better picture visiting his blog. :)


Poisoned Mind

Bigotry is a poison and it is contagious if fed to a weak mind. Thank God I'd surrendered all known prejudices to God some months back when I followed through the 7 steps to Freedom in Christ prayer.

I contacted an acquaintance today to get a phone number. I explained to her that I'm trying to help out a foreigner whom I've recently got to know. She told me that she had lost that phone number and we chatted for a while. Then a few hours later, she called me and implored me NOT to have anything to do with this foreigner because people from this country can't be trusted, because they are ingrates, because she has had dealings with them and those were bad experiences, because so and so's husband was stolen by a woman from this country, because ... and she went on and on. And I was so appalled that I did something which I had to repent of later, I lied. I told her I HAD TO GO and good bye.

That conversation left a bad taste in my mouth. It stirred some feelings that I once had with regard to foreigners from this country. But I've met and made some friends with people from this country and they are good honest people!

Am I to let the poison of bigotry get a hold of me again? NO! By God's grace I shall resist that. I'll need wisdom how to help this person, and I need a huge dose of God's love. I've said that when you dare to love, there's a chance that you'll be hurt one day by the very person you love and help. But if we're to keep counting the cost, we'll be immobilised.

He's the potter, I'm the clay, mould me and make me, this is what I pray. I've decided and will pray through this feeling, come what may, whatever the disappointment if it'll ever happen, I'm going to do this for God.


My New Blog!

Hi all, please check out my new blog, 'Love Of Learning'


Winning Souls

No one is ever won over to Christ because he/she looses an argument with us, Christians.

May God reduce me to love, over and over again.

Love makes one vulnerable, to the hurts, pain and loneliness of others. Love hurts and can be painful, but look to God for healing and comfort... His grace is sufficient for you.


Living Cautiously, Living Dangerously

A friend sent this email to me which I'm reproducing here:

"As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will.
You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time.
You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.
You'll fight with your best friend.
You'll blame a new love for things an old one did.
You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love.
So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because
every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin."

Wow, the last sentence was something I was mulling over for the past 3 days! I'm not afraid that my life will end, but I'm 'afraid' that it has not somewhat BEGUN! There are simply too many things I've wanted to do and I've not started doing! Arghhhh!!! Time is running out! Help!

I've been living cautiously all my life because of family obligations. Perhaps I should start living dangerously? Hmm...


Unreliable Feelings

The weather has been bleak these few days, overcast sky, rain and wind... Weather like this makes me melancholic. I feel sad, lamenting "Oh, work is not what it used to be without my favourite colleague". Aagrh, no matter what, will have to push myself forward, 'cos if I don't, no one else will push me. Life, got to continue living.

Then again, I know better. Feelings come and go like the weather. Feelings are unreliable. I shall not be fooled. A bar of chocolate and a hot cup of coffee will settle me! ;)


Daily Inspirational Message

I've plagiarised this from Reverend Orsella R. Cooper's blog:

Lead Me, Guide Me
Isaiah 26:8 "Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." INSPIRATION: When we walk God's way, we learn to wait on His direction for our next turn. When we walk according to our own terms, we forget to listen for God. Allow your heart, mind and spirit to always be led by God and He will always direct your path.

I've found her daily inspiration, well, a daily inspiration. I strongly recommend her blog to you all for a quick, good and healthy spiritual snack as and when you need it. I'm often encouraged by her insights and I wish the same for you. :)


Dealing With Disappointments

Hi all, I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this site. It has some great videos covering many life topics and dishing out good advice and encouragement, please check it out here:

Question: Why do I always feel disappointed with the people in my life? (Answer provided by Thelma Wells)


So Glad!

I'm so glad that I've found a new friend! I've never met her in person, but she showers me with love and genuine concern when she feels that I'm in trouble, well, blame my vague posts, I'm sorry that I've befuddled many people, misleading them into thinking that I'm in some kind of a depression or what for the sad tune to my recent posts... It's just that I can't share openly sometimes, you know, when you have to express something and you know so and so will be reading it?

Anyway, please meet my new friend, Analisa. :) We've been exchanging emails when she took it upon herself to see to it that I'm encouraged and that I get out of my 'depression'. What a sweet soul...

Get a feel of our blossoming friendship (hey, I 'lost' a friend, I've found another! Praise God) from the following excerpts from our emails:

Analisa: I am so glad you are not suffering from depression. I thought you were depressed because of your last few posts, with the exception of the one about the movie, you seemed to be struggling. But let God be right and every man be a liar I am happy very happy to be wrong.
I know God will bless you. Please keep me in your your prayers.

Me: Analisa, Thanks for being so concerned for me. I've prayed through my issues with ... I've prayed for God to help me re-focus on my work, He has asked me earlier to focus on building my sales now till He shows me the next step, His next assignment. I've also prayed that God would help me and remind me to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. How's that? :) Oh, I'll be at another counter sale this weekend... I've prayed for two sales for myself. :)

For you, now I pray:"Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Analisa, as she ponders about your work for her, please keep her healthy in mind, body and spirit. Please provide for her every need as she waits upon you for a new direction in her life. Father, reveal your plans to her and give her all resources; finance, guidance and helpers to come alongside to help her work out your plans. Keep her spiritually sharp, keep her heart soft to discern your leadings. God bless her abundantly, exceedingly in all that she can pray or ask for. I commit this dear sister into your hands, Lord, don't let the evil one/s touch her. May your peace and your joy be with her always. Thank you, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

Analisa: Jane, I am so happy for you. I stand with you for sucess in your sales. Thank you so much for your prayer. It made me cry because it was everything I needed. It lets me know how much God loves me when I find sisters in the faith like you.

Me: Analisa, I feel the same about you. You are a rare gem of a friend. Some people found a place in my heart and I showed them special concern, but they rarely reciprocate, not that I look for favours in return, but as a human being, it feels good that someone to whom you have extended friendship looks upon you as a friend. I've always have the experience of reaching out to people, but seldom the other way round, possibly because they see that all my needs are met. I therefore felt so touched that you bother to reach out to me after reading a few posts from my blog. I'm exceedingly glad that I can make a true friend through blogging! This is indeed another blessing from God. Let's keep in touch often and encourage one another in our walk with God, sister.

Oh, as for sales these 2 days, I'd made a sale, with another pending confirmation in a month's time. Thank you for your prayer support. You know, the comments you dropped at my blog and the encouragement you gave through emails, REALLY encourage me. Even my husband is glad you've told me that every door (or every person) I knock or approach, despite them turning me down, is actually leading me to the one who'll eventually buy from me. This is a very comforting thought, and it's true. Praise God for your word of wisdom, an apt word, a word in season. Thank you sis. Wow. :) It's 9.53 pm now, I shall sign off. Bless you sis.


So Sad

So sad... You spent time nurturing a friendship. The friendship is blossoming so beautifully. For a long while you've not found someone whom you can chat with, play and joke with so carelessly. And now she has to leave, and you may not see her ever again...

It's so sad...



How many times have you tried to do right and failed?
How many times have you thought that you could do a little better next time?
Then when you repeat your service, you find yourself tripping over the same weakness, well, may be doing slightly better than before, but still, tripping over the same area?

I'm so tired of myself.

But I did try my level best and I know God understood and accepted.
Still, I wish I could have done better.

Sometimes I really think that it's better not to do anything than to cause damage, cos I've seen and experienced myself the mistakes of others. How relationships and friendships could be marred because you sound the alarm.

Thank God for His mercy and patience towards us. I'm flawed but STILL in His service.


The Next Step

I badly need God to show me the next step...

The Gospel - the Movie

Let's see:
"Spend less time looking good, and more time being good!"
"There is no perfect Church, but a perfect God."

These wise statements come from this movie ...


Worship along with this song on holiness, righteousness, broken-ness ... and may the Lord bless you:


Awfully Weak

Dear Heavenly Father,

I feel awfully weak, awfully small, awfully unskilled, and exceedingly challenged to do the simple tasks you have laid before me that I want to cry.

I want to cry because I feel awfully incapable of doing the good works you've prepared for me to do. Yes, you've promised that your grace is sufficient for me, yet I feel so alone, so inadequate.

I'm surrounded by so great a witnesses, so many unbelievers with so much differences. Your Spirit has shed your love in me and through me for them, but I feel totally floored by the enormity and the accountability of the responsibility.

What if I say the wrong things to them? What if I fall before them? What if ... And what if I should fail in your mission?

Send me help Lord, I need someone to work alongside me and I'll do my best to do your Will. Send me help Lord, willing heart and willing hands. I also need the encouragement to continue.

I'm indeed small Lord, what the heck can I really do for you here? But you've your purpose. Now please calm me down, empower me just to do what I can do, and leave the rest to you. I can't work with such anxieties. Show me how to do what you've purposed for me to do, and how to trust in you.

So with my two fishes and 5 loaves of bread, I offer up my services to you, I offer my imperfect life and faith to you, Lord, use them for your glory, thy will be done.

Pray Lord, strengthen my faith and determination, increase yourself in my life that your purpose be achieved. Thank you for this life you've given me Lord, this journey you have led me thus far. I only pray Lord, that I can achieved something worthy for you before you call me home, I don't like to waste anything, particularly my life Lord.

This is all I could pray, and much more is there unspoken for I know not what and how to pray. Even my prayer is imperfect. Thank you Lord that you can do exceedingly abundantly in all that I ask for. So I commit all that I think and do into your hands, guide me and lead me, especially when I'm confused whether I'm doing the right thing or heading in the right direction. Guide me Lord.

In Jesus name I pray.



A Beautiful Chinese Song

This worship song is sung in Cantonese. It's beautiful, the lyrics, the music and the way it's sung. For those who understand this dialect, enjoy!


A True Friend

I'm quite disappointed with the attitude of some folks. This hymn, originally written by Joseph M. Scriven (1855) to comfort his mom who was across the sea from him in Ireland, pretty much sums up my feelings on life and friendship ...

What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear.
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.

Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged; take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness; take it to the Lord in prayer.

Are we weak and heavy laden, cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge, take it to the Lord in prayer.
Do your friends despise, forsake thee? Take it to the Lord in prayer!
In His arms He'll take and shield thee; thou will find a solace there.

Blessed Savior, Thou hast promised Thou wilt all our burdens bear.
May we ever, Lord be bringing all to Thee in earnest prayer.
Soon in glory bright unclouded there will be no need for prayer.
Rapture, praise and endless worship will be our sweet portion there.

Matthew 28:20b - "And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."


Be Nice!

Someone left this comment on Andrea's recent post Isn't this awesome? The topic discusses on how we should be nice towards others etc, and someone posts this comment, " I am going to be the bitter one in this. I love people to be nice to me, and I try hard to be, but if we are talking retailers that is their job!"

Well, I've been a sales person the third time round and I'm still mulling over this; how far should we go to be 'nice' to make a sale? Is the customer always right? How far are we to bent over backwards just to make a sale? Is being nice a professional trait or just a sales tactic? Can a sales person be just as honest and sincere as say, a teacher or a doctor? Do we have feelings?

The humiliation sales folks have to take day in and day out are beyond words. (Once I met someone by appointment and we spoke for about 45 minutes before he even bothered to look at me.) And some sales people just W'ONT TAKE IT! You can keep your money and I keep my pride, cos I won't starve if you don't buy!

For me, I'm sticking on to this job for awhile because it's great character training, cos I feel I've been so blessed all my life and come what 'sh**' in my job, I'll learn to take it. I want to see how far I can go and how much I can endure.


Thankful To Be Alive

About a year ago, I'd lost 2 friends within 2 months. One lost her life through illness and the other took her own life. I still think of them both and draw lessons. The conclusion I've come to today is still the same as a year's ago, LIFE IS PRECIOUS, treasure it...

We have only one life to live and there are so many things tugging for our attention. I was just sitting down with a pen and paper, organizing my priorities. I was kind of overwhelmed by the nitty gritty of it all, when I suddenly thought, hey, I'm glad to be alive and I shall take all these in my strides, never mind if they aren't done the best they should be done.

The way to live is to simplify life. Be humble, be content, learn to rest, live with integrity, courage, know God's steadfastness and faithfulness, perceive that when God doesn't deliver you, He'll walk through the situation with you. Live life with a surrendered heart to Him as He grows your character. Let Him heal your wounds and resolve your conflicts. Be future-minded, because His goodness and mercy will follow you, all the days of your life and you shall dwell in His house forever.

Eternity has begun in your life the very day you've received Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. You've just got to work out your life. Fight on, there's value in living, don't ever give up.

Let's celebrate the life He gives, live on, explore and be thankful.

(For those who know Esther and PC personally, you may wish to drop a note to commemorate their lives...)


The Shortest Post

Walk by faith and not by sight (or any other senses) because God's love is above life's circumstances.


All In A Night's Work

The past week went by without a single sale. It's not a complaint, just a fact. It's just a salesperson's plight or, er, job ... Ah, all in a day's work. Or night's work rather. I'll leave the house at about 7.20 p.m. Let's see if the prospect who has promised to meet me tonight will keep his promise??? Let's see if this meeting will result in a sale? Let's see if I'll have the momentum to knock on other doors? I will do it, may the Lord watch over me, no this is not a prayer for physical protection though I know God will protect me anyway, may the Lord watch over me and keep me going, because it's all in a night's work. :)


A Fulfilling Day

This has been one of the most fulfilling days of my life in recent weeks!

Not that I've made any sale at all during the past two days at a roadshow event, but it went like this ...

After Church, my spouse and I enjoyed a good meal with a brother-in-Christ. We had a wonderful time of sharing. He opened up about his personal hurts and difficulties. He told us his fears and doubts. We listened and responded with similar sharings. Together, we encouraged one another. Ah, this is true fellowship and unity in the Spirit and it is as savouring as the meal we've had!

Then at work later today, my (much) younger colleague told me how he'd detested me earlier because he thought I was prejudiced against him. I admitted that I didn't appreciate him very much initially because he was not forthright in his conversations with me and gave me the impression that he's phoney. We had a heart-warming conversation and shared mutual words of respect. He kept heaping praises on me before a new colleague.

His compliments truly awed me because I know I don't deserve it. Thank God that I'm at an age where flattery doesn't get me on cloud nine easily. I'm very aware of my weaknesses and how easy it is for me to fail the very next minute. I thank God that He has enabled me to reflect His glory (we never have glory of our own, we can only reflect our Master's glory). I really don't want to be his role model or anything, but I'm glad to be an instrument of blessings to him.

Then, I got to know two new colleagues better. One opened up quickly about her personal details and challenges in life without promptings and I listened. The other is a very young lady who's a keen learner and I taught her what I knew and would share more with her in time to come.

Then, as we sat together, my colleagues saw and liked some of my personal presentation templates (that I'd spent hours designing) from my file, so I promised to print for them. (For the uninformed, a sales person's presentation file is 'sacred' to himself or herself, it's like one's trade secrets not to be carelessly shared with competitors. But the Holy Spirit has convinced me over the past weeks to share my file with others if they want.)

So what's the point of the above? Evidence of my goodness? No, I'm not blowing my own trumpet, but sharing my mundane 'adventures', yup, adventures in my mundane life ... Most of us are ordinary folks, aren't we? We may not be endowed with spectacular talents, but we're placed all over the planet to just fulfill our personal ministries. Little acts of kindness performed here and there, and together we can impact the world!

It is more blessed to give than to receive. It is better to share than to keep.

I've earned absolutely NOTHING today but I feel so RIIICHH! Praise the Lord!

Oh, on a side note, I've also been working today, lest you think I've spent all my time talking to my colleagues. No, laziness is not a testimony.


It Takes More Energy To Fail Than To Succeed?

I was stunned by this statement from Reverent Orsella's blog - http://revorcooper-dailyinspiration.blogspot.com/ (there's something wrong with my blog, can't insert a link, can't post a picture, can't change my font, sheesh ... got no time to fix it).

"It takes more energy to fail than to succeed" ???

Kind of agree with it. Everything consumes energy, even failing. Being afraid takes energy, being reluctant to pursue something takes energy, being in despair takes energy... Rather than to be consumed by something negative, you and I will do better by working on something positive. Rather than to cower in fear, you and I will do better by facing the challenge.

I will throw myself into my job. :) (It is so easy to come up with 100 excuses why I shouldn't work today.)



I've been worrying about two things in my sales career but over the last few days, I overcame them both! My first worry was having to make a presentation in Mandarin (Chinese), and the second was my doubt in my ability to market a particular program.

But thank God for His help that within a week, I did them both! Praise God!

Though I'd sincerely accepted compliments from my colleagues for a big sale done in Mandarin which I wasn't eloquent in, I've ALWAYS believed at the back of my mind that it was God who enabled and God who gave. So I really want to thank my God here that He has shown me the impossible again.

I know many obstacles we're facing are not really obstacles, but they seem pretty hard to overcome initially. We can think of so many 'reasons' not to do well, that sometimes, we almost give up without even trying. But yes, thank God, I needed a boost in my confidence to go out and do it, and after reading the article on 'motivation', I just threw myself into situations that I would normally dread.

Door to door knocking was not my cup of tea in the past, but I just got myself to do it for this job. So recently, I knocked, knocked and knocked somemore. And when they opened the door, I just talked to them, overcoming their resistance, staying put and not moved away quickly. The joy of anticipation came when they lowered their guard and let me in, and most interestingly BOUGHT after an-hour's presentation!

It feels so good to succeed, it's a validation of my skills (which I know contributes to the success cos I work hard training myself), but more importantly, a validation of God's faithfulness.

All glory be to God my provider! Amen.



I learn a new definition for 'motivation' today.

According to Dr. Zonnya, a Motivation Trainer, "We are 'motivated' when we make a choice to take action for a result whether we feel like it or not. Motivation is not about 'feeling,' it is simply about 'choosing.' "

Expanding on the part about taking action whether you feel like it or not, she says, "When you make a choice to take action for a results, then how you feel does not enter into the equation. How many times do you do what you do, when you do not feel like it? If you have children, how many times do you get up in the middle of the night to take care of your child when you did not feel like it? Have you ever gone to a business training seminar, but you didn't feel like it? Have you ever persevered in the midst of feeling bad, to do a business presentation or make extra calls?"

Well said but wouldn't the results be less than perfect, or less than good if I'm half-hearted in, say, doing a sale presentation? My prospect can literally sense my lack of enthusiasm and reject my offer.

In sales, the way a sale representative carries himself can affect his prospect by about 30%, and his non-verbal cues would affect by up to 55%. We have to convey the right 'feel'. I appreciate the reminder that 'motivation' is simply 'doing it', but the first thing to do is to deal with our feelings before we actually go out and do it, or else it will be a waste of time.

I said this from experience, cos I'd forced myself out there before, but on days when I really didn't feel like it, it was really a total waste of time. Then again, what I've learnt today would 'motivate' me to 'get motivated' and 'stay motivated'. No one can movtivate me if I don't want to be motivated eh?




I used to think that respect is something you earn. Yes this is still true to a certain extent. But lately, I've also learnt that respect is something I decide to GIVE.

When you behave in admirable ways, it is natural for me to respect you. Then when you fall short, respect is something I decide to give you. I give it to you because of what I am, and not what you are.

Make sense?



My mind's so consumed with work that my life has turned boring! Sigh. But I haven't mastered so many skills and I'm bent on improving myself before another thing gets my attention. That's inflexible me. When I'm on to something, I've just got to get it right (or as right as possible) before I can relax. Wonder, when will I get it?

Sidenote - What the heck happens to blogspot? There seems to be so many bugs lately. I can't get my font right for this post!



Been busy doing roadshows. Had interesting encounters with all sorts of people. Made some sales. Got to know fellow colleagues better. This job is not for those who's shy, proud or lazy. And you've got to believe in what you market and delight in talking to strangers. It's the kind of job that'll jumpstart your EQ and make you a humbler person if you have the right attitude. I would recommend it to anyone.



How time flies! I've been busy, but what did I do? Let's see ... hm ...I didn't start selling again right after the last road show ... oh yes, was nursing a cough, then sorting out a work problem with the boss, then preparing a powerpoint for a group presentation ... I'm so tired after creating the 54-slide ppt! Ooooh, my eyes!

At the back of my mind I'm kinda worried about how far I'm lagging behind in sales. One colleague recalls that I sold everyday at the last road show, and she expects me to repeat that feat I think! Boy, that adds on the pressure! But THAT was God's special lesson for me, to seek Him first and He would add all things to me ...

Well, whatever happens, I must not forget that my identity, security and significance are in Christ, whether or not I sell.

On a lighter note, I'd such a fun time with my colleague trying to do up some product videos. I haven't had the experience of laughing till it hurts for a long long time! I hope this job will eventually work out for me cos I really like the working environment, the bosses, the colleagues and the work. :) :) :)


Living Sacrifice

One of the things I'd done by faith in last week's prayer marathon was to place myself on God's altar as a living sacrifice.

I remember the offerings my mom used to sacrifice to her idols many years ago. They were slaughtered and cooked before they were offered at the altar. I can't imagine if she'd placed a live chicken on the altar!

Living sacrifices are troublesome because they can crawl off the altar anytime! I'd intended to put God first in my life, ahead of my family and my aspirations etc. when I felt God said something else to me. Why did I offer everything else to God when it was I that God wanted? So, by faith, I placed myself on the altar instead of every other thing important to me. I remember a picture I've seen years ago, that of a little boy, placing himself in the donation box of his Church, the card reads, "One life to offer". That was touching.

I've made myself available to God the past 3 days at a road show where we were promoting our company's products. I wasn't focusing on the sales, but on any person who needed my attention. Somehow my colleagues who were mainly foreigners kept talking to me, seeking friendship, encouragement and guidance. I spent time meeting their needs, not worrying whether I would make any sales. I've never taken such a leap of faith in my entire Christian walk. And something miraculous happened. I didn't seek sales, but sales sought after me. I made 5 sales in 3 days which was quite impressive for a newcomer, and I made them joyfully and easily. These sales were all given by God.

True to His Word, God says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you."

Being human, I wonder how long will I be able to stay on the altar before itching to crawl away... But what I've learnt last week is not to put my confidence in the flesh but in the strength of my God. It would be wonderful if I can live the rest of my life by faith.


Clearing The Clutter

The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson (author of Victory Over The Darkness) has taught me how to appropriate my faith in Christ by recognizing the truth in the Bible and rennouncing lies and accusations from the devil and his gang.

It has 15 chapters. Chapter 13 on "Steps to Freedom in Christ" is a general but intensive guide to renunciating all past lies believed. I've spent about 18 hours over 4 days working and praying through Chapter 13. It's spiritual warfare where the weapons are prayers and faith, not against flesh and blood, but meant to bring down spiritual strongholds. After this episode, I can say now that for the first time in life, I've got a clean slate.

I would gladly recommend this book and this '7-Steps to Freedom in Christ' exercise to all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ out there, especially to all those with a complex past/background and prior experiences with the cults and occults etc. If you've some nagging fears, anxieties and doubts, go through these 7 steps and you'll know for sure that you've cleared out the clutter from your heart, and be set free to walk more victoriously in Christ. Try it for your own sake.

Briefly, the 7 steps are:
Step 1 - Going through a checklist of non-Christian spiritual activities (such as out of body experience, trances, spirit guides etc), confess and renounce each item you were involved in through a declaration against the enemy, canceling any and all ground that they have gained in your life, and thanking God for His forgiveness. There is also a checklist on wrong priorities and areas of idolatry to work on.
Step 2 - Renouncing and praying through a checklist of false worldly beliefs, self-deceptions and defence mechanisms/escapisms, choosing to only believe God's truth, about what God says about us and not what the world says about us.
Step 3 - Releasing bitterness and forgiving all those who have wronged you, and blessing them.
Step 4 - Going through a checklist of areas where you have rebelled against authorities and adopting a submissive spirit and a servant's heart.
Step 5 - Dealing with pride/humility and prejudice/bigotry.
Step 6 - Confessing sins and being delivered from all bondages.
Step 7 - Confessing ancestral sins (as brought to mind by God) and breaking all generational curses.

So there, you have it. Even if you don't intend to go through the 7 steps, studying the book itself may bring about a paradigm shift, change your mindset and inspire you to trust God at His Words, and be set free from many mistakened pre-conceived lies we are so accustomed to.

Please share with me your insights gained after reading the book. May the Lord bless you all.


Still Working Through

Following my last post, I am very touched by online friends, both believers and pre-believers who have dropped by to encourage and nudge me on this Christian journey.

What I'm doing now is working and praying through the "7 Steps to Freedom in Christ" by Neil Anderson, author of the book entitles "The Bondage Breaker".

After spending 51 years on earth, and coming from a Chinese Taoist background, growing up in a dysfunctional foster home, fighting with my foster mom for the most part of my life, and being the highly subjective and overly-sensitive person that I'm, I have too many baggages and issues to unload. I came to Christ at age 14, backslid for the next 5 years, then returned to Christ at age 19 till now. For the most part of my Christian life, I was more of a pain in the neck than a pious Christian. I find it very hard to completely surrender my life and will to God, I want God but I also want to retain some personal space to manoeuvre my own goals and desires.

But God has been kind, understanding and patient with me. He didn't flick me out of this Universe considering the countless times I've let Him down, but have blessed me instead in so many ways. One major lesson I've learnt so far is that God allows failures and can use them for our good. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God.

I've also discovered during my blogging experience that the unity in the Spirit among Christians is so real. And this unity transcends across race, culture, time and countries. After my last post, 3 online sisters from different parts of America wrote in to encourage me and what impresses me is that what they said confirmed the words I'd received from local believers praying over me and direct counsels/insights from God received during my personal prayer time. So God is very real indeed. He draws near to those who believes He exists and seeks Him.

At age 51, I'm still learning to turn over my life completely to Him, putting everything that's important to me, namely; my family, job, will etc. on the altar and believing that He will do nothing to hurt me and will not lead me to places where His grace cannot sustain me. I'm beginning to appreciate that if I can totally place myself in His palm, that is, in the center of His will, I will finally get a taste of heaven on earth. And that is what I'm working towards. Or rather, this is what God is doing in my life.

Hope the above makes sense to you. May God's peace be with you all. :)


The Closer You Are To God

I've been tossed to and fro in my faith recently. I'm so confused whether it's my hormones or true trials I'm going through. One thing I think I badly need now is a time of quietness, to come before my Creator and I hope His light will shed some insights into the state I'm in right now. One thing I'm also aware is that sometimes when we're about to break through spiritually, that's when devilish opposition is the strongest. There's spiritual warfare but Christ has accomplished and secured all victories already. I need help and I really pray that God can send someone to give me a word of wisdom, that's all I need to break free from my confusion now. God reads blogs. :)


Guess my favourite colors

Some colors just mesmerize me, I'm attracted to them like bees to honey ...

Now how to enlarge the pictures???

Someone just emailed me lots of pics entitling, "If Earth is so beautiful, what will Heaven be like?"

I figure, lots of beautiful colors, fragrances, visuals, melodies, smiling faces, and hopefully lots of chocolate!



Both my colleague and I cut the deal with our customer today! Yeh!

However, we must have had these words printed on our foreheads though, "Can be bullied" cos she drove a very hard bargain and we couldn't reach a decision till our boss helped us over the phone. Our presentation went nothing as planned or conjured in my imagination. We only knew at the end of the sale that the customer had already made up her mind to buy right from the start, but she just wanted a good bargain. I didn't like the way she pushed us around, she even went to the extent of filling out her own Order Form instead of allowing my colleague to fill it in for her as per custom. What arrogance! But what to do? The customer is always right ... Sheesh.

Well, anyway, a sale's a sale, and my colleague has had her 'ice-breaking' experience within her first month too. Thank God. :)

Hm ... but what about all those inspirations I felt the Lord giving me last night? Pep talks from God? May be, cos without those thoughts, I would have given up even before I start. Ok, y a w n n n ... I'm going to sleep now. Now where's my pillow? Good night. :)

Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z ..

Man's Extremity Is God's Opportunity

Desperate times call for desperate actions! Heheh, actually not that dramatic, I'm just exaggerating. :)

My colleague and I have a sales appointment tonight. As she's busy attending to other urgent stuff and couldn't prepare enough for the presentation, she has roped me in to be her side-kick.

When I heard that, I quickly launched into action, assembled some materials etc. but before I could do anything, I came down with a bout of food poisoning. For hours, I was giddy, burped excessively, threw up and my stomach felt totally 'off'. The discomfort affected my sleep badly, I was tossing and turning throughout the night and had half the mind to call it off. Up till 3 a.m. I was still sure that I wouldn't be able to do it cos I would be weak and inept the next day...

Then something strange happened. Suddenly, lots of inspirations came in, about a new approach, presenting differently. I shared these ideas with my colleague this morning and she's gamed enough to try it. Man's extremity is God's opportunity. Since I can't do it my way, and my colleague can't do it her way, then let us let God help us do it His way.

I shall rest as much as possible today, do some basic preparation, not the thorough one that I'm used to, and see what happens tonight.

Pray for me. I hope I have something interesting to share with you in my next post. :)


Progress Report

Hm, this new job SEEMS harder than I thought, but I am livelier. I've a plan and a goal. But then when the going gets tough, I actually thought of going, "Three months I'll give myself and if I can't do it, I'll quit and find something else!!!" Then I thought again, if I have this mindset, I would never succeed because I would have left a back door opened! Ok, I decided to shut it.


I was deadbeat today as I'd insomnia and slept only 2 hours last night because of a thoughtless (loud) remark from my upline. I faced up to him today and told him I didn't appreciate his comment, about how we would have to work alongside for a long time henceforth, and that we should clear all airs blah..blah..blah. He listened and accepted my ventilation patiently. Good for him. ;) Actually good for me. ;p

Guess what, I made my first sale today! "Broke the ice" like they say. My two uplines congratulated me. It was only a small deal, but thank God I broke my ice within the first month! That means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you God. :)



In response to my last posting, Neen has commented,

"Jane, because I've met too many "Christians" like the one you've mentioned, I avoid them. But there ARE those who set an example of Christian love and living. My best friend, YOU. I feel peaceful when I read your true love and spirit of Christ.*HUG*"

I thank Neen for her kindness and friendship. Being addressed as a "best friend" makes my day. Thank you Neen. :)

However, I can't bask in this compliment. Why? Because I'm too modest? No ... Simply because I know I don't fit the bill. I've a temper and I am the type who can shoot off my mouth without thinking. I've my 'fair' share of experiences hurting people. Why? Because I'm imperfect. Why are Christians like this? Let me throw some light on this ...

Who are the Christians? People who are kind, good and gentle? Well, we're supposed to be like this isn't it? We're supposed to resemble our Saviour, Jesus Christ who is meek and gentle. But fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and pre-believers have to understand this, that while Christ IS perfect, we are NOT.

So the question remains, who are we? We're sinners (just like anybody else, but) SAVED by grace, God's grace. Anyone can receive God's grace through faith. So, we're just a category of people who recognize our sinful state and are willing to receive the righteousness ascribed to us through Christ.

When we say the sinner's prayer, we receive Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour. That's salvation. We have been sanctified by the blood of Christ! We have His righteousness ascribed to us, not through our own doing, because we can't. And that is just the beginning! We still look the same, behave the same and think the same most of the time. The next stage is regeneration, which is when God takes our entire lifetime to mould us. Those who are more obedient grow faster, but some just grow old and never grow up. The last stage is glorification and this is the time when we reach the end of our life's journey and we see Jesus face to face. This is the time when He will complete our salvation and make us like Him.

In my pilgrimage, I've fallen several times and have many regrets in my life. That's why I've posted the Christian's experience as a cracked pot and an incomplete building earlier.

The brother I wrote about has a painful childhood, so that could have affected his present state. He is often defensive, but perhaps that's due to him having to fend for himself growing up without a father ... I don't know.

As for me, I was given away twice in my first year of infancy. I was brought up in a dysfuntional foster home. My foster mum was physically and emotionally abused as a child. In turn, she abused me emotionally for many years though she did so unintentionally some of the time. I'd cried myself to sleep so many nights. All my pillows were tear-stained. After becoming a Christian in my adolescence, I was still curt and hurting for many many years before I could better control my temper. I thank God for His faithfulness and mercy, bearing with me all these years.

I am still a house under construction. I am now wise enough to know that I can never be too old to learn, and should NEVER stop learning. When I know I've a wrong attitude and I just can't change it, I would pray to God to help me be willing to be changed. Because I'm not a gracious person by nature, God always have to take months to get through to me, but eventually, God is able to help me see things His ways and supply me with His power to change. And I'm changing slowly, line upon line, precept upon precept till the day I die.

Jesus came to save the loss, the gamblers, the thieves, the ladies of the night, ANYONE, who is wise enough to accept His forgiveness and salvation. This is a free gift. He is still knocking on the doors of many hearts, to receive Him. He doesn't care what you have done before, but how, with His help, you can receive pardon and the abundant life He has promised you. He doesn't want anyone to perish.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. If anyone feels God's prompting, you can receive Him now with this prayer where ever your are. :)

So Neen, I'm really ... you know ... but God is not finished with me yet! :)



I re-visited my former cell group last Friday to test waters, wondering if things would be slightly improved. Sadly, things remained the same; same prominent member who laid down all the rules, spoke most of the time, same restrictions and same problems. Members I spoke to after the meeting expressed discourgement and bewilderment. This group's fire is about to be snuffed out.

I've forgiven him unreservedly, so I'm not being vengeful here. But what do you do with someone who thinks he's doing God's work, but is in fact destroying it?

I'm drawing one lesson here - don't ever become so 'spiritualized' to the point of spiritual blindness. You can never share God's love like this. God is gracious and does not rule with an iron hand.

The children of God bears His fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, godliness, gentleness and self-control. The fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives bear testimony to whether we're walking right with Him. The law never changes man. It is His sacrificial love that changes man.

I must pay more attention to my life and attitudes to make sure that I'm indeed following Christ.



I hope to be able to share this in a nutshell, quickly and sweetly.

For a few years I've been participating in this cell group where I've some issues with a prominent member. He is growing in the Lord but he seems to be getting legalistic this past year, focusing on the letter of the Bible but sacrificing the spirit therein. He can't graciously accept feedbacks from the others but insists on carrying out God's work according to his faulty interpretations. He reminds me of the self-righteous elder brother in the story of the prodigal son.

Life was getting unbearable with him in the group and I was exceedingly disappointed, hurt and angered to the point of being tempted to give up my faith totally. My reaction alarmed me. I recognized it as a big fat lie from the devil and though I ranted about it, I resisted the thought. Recognizing the danger I was in, I turned straight to God and prayed that I would forgive that brother and move on in my faith. Though I didn't feel much forgiveness flowing out from me, I'd prayed by faith. There are things we can do, and there are things that only God can do. I gave myself time, and I gave God time. I trusted that God would eventually work it out in my life.

I'd actually left the cell group for fear of further confrontations with him, and intended to leave matters this way. Now, I'm embarking on a new job. There's so much to learn, but peace continues to elude me.

This morning in Church, someone preached on the importance of family and fatherhood. Throughout the message, I learnt so many things that could apply to different aspects of my life. Though the message did not center on forgiveness, I knew that God had something for each one of us in that congregation according to our needs.

Fathers were called to the altar to be prayed for, and my spouse went forward. I didn't know he'd left my side because I was so engrossed in my own prayer. I didn't intend to say this prayer, but somehow (I believe) God just led me into it so naturally. I prayed, "Father, I forgive ........ totally and unreservedly." Immediately, I sensed a great relief. The weight on my heart lifted.

After service today, I've gained a new perspective for my new job. I've more courage, and I intend to return to the cell group, though I'd prayed to God to give me space to time my visits. I can't visit as often or participate as actively as before because the brother has yet to recognize the problems he has created for us. But I shall return to encourage the other brothers and sisters in Christ, knowing that they've been praying for me.

God's words are not mere commandments. His words heal. He has commanded us to forgive, because only thus will He be able to heal us. Someone says that when you forgive, you're releasing a prisoner, only to find out that the prisoner is YOURSELF.

I've asked my family to sustain me in prayer, that regardless of the future happenings in this cell group, I will not be so seriously hurt that I'll go into an emotional and spiritual spin again.

The Holy Spirit distinctly put a song in my heart 2 weeks' back. It goes, "I've decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back." Jesus Himself has promised us, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

May the Lord bless and encourage you all in your walk with Him.


A Lighted Flame

"I am grateful for the ability to still feel grateful and appreciative for life and the many things it offers despite being let down time and again by certain people. If I loose this ability to feel grateful, I may end up loosing my faith altogether. I am at a low point of my faith now actually, but with that being said, I'm still grateful for:

1. God watching over us.
2. A wonderful family.
3. The ability to move around.
4. Yes, coffee, tea, AND chocolate. :)"

I've posted this comment in a simple yet impactful blog called the Alighted Flame that encourages us to be thankful and grateful for everything and anything, not taking the smallest things for granted that is. Go in and take a look for yourself and share what you are grateful for. :)


New Venture

Phew! I've finally paid it forward to fellow bloggers by giving out awards and tagging them. Mission accomplished!

Now, for the next few weeks, I'll be busy learning the ropes of a new venture, wish me God's blessings? If you don't hear from me soon enough, be rest assured that I'm alive and kicking around, just caught up in the real world ...

Meanwhile, be good, continue clicking my ads, feed my virtual doggy (you can get a glimpse of it at the right when you scroll down) :)

Wish I'll have exciting things to share with you next time!


Since Andrea aka Alpha Button has tagged me, I'll just have to continue this good tradition.

For those still s
cratching their heads to the meaning of "being tagged", the picture on your right is NOT it! Relax.

Tagging is just a fun way to promote friendship, share blog links, get traffic, all the good stuff. So the game is like this, if you get tagged by someone, it means someone likes you, and you'll have to pay it forward by tagging 7 other bloggers, and drop comments on their blogs to let them know that they've been tagged. Then, you'll also have to share 7 facts about yourself. Get it? Ok, let's get started!

Ok ... I'm aiming my tag-gun at:

  1. Bushido Bryan - Japanese Animals, Fish, and Wildlife - his blog on Japanese sceneries and animals is an eye-feast to those who appreciate nature's beauty!
  2. Jan - The Little Web - get another Asian perspective besides mine.
  3. Poet - Drawing and Painting - be inspired by his lively sketches and art.
  4. Stanis and other writers - Write Up Cafe - for a dose of Writer's inspiration and poems.
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  6. Francois - Addictive Photography - hey, check out a young man's addiction!
  7. E_M_Y - E_M_Y Reviews - a self-professed 'slightly pessimistic' 16 yr old boy from England
    doing movie reviews, good job.

Ok, 7 facts about me:

  1. Have a tendency to over plan and over do things.
  2. Believe in continual learning.
  3. Family is my priority.
  4. Selective in accepting and maintaining friendships.
  5. Serious in appearance but a joker is dying to break out any time.
  6. Coffee, tea and chocolate are my ONLY vices ;)
  7. Dream to earn a million dollars or possess super powers, either one, I'm not greedy ;)


Sharing With You - Singapore, My Home!

Some of you may know that I'm from Singapore. But where the heck is this place? It is a tiny speck of island at the southern tip of Malaysia, a little red dot as Indonesia refers to us, a survivor. May I humbly present to you my beloved country: SINGAPORE, My Home!

I will show you 2 youtubes, the first by Discovery Channel on how Singapore has progressed from 3rd world status to first within a short span of 30 to 40 years! Catch a glimpse of what my mom's generation looked like. Yes, I remember living in a house with at least 3 other families ...

And the second youtube brought to you by The Singapore Tourism Board (I think) shows our diverse cultures and activities. We are made up of 4 major ethnic groups; Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians. Over the years, we have become more cosmopolitan as we assimiliate foreigners from all over the world. You will see from this video that the present day Singapore is an active financial center, a shoppers' paradise and a wonderful tourist destination with various places of interest. Feel the mood of our nation as the video plays against a composite of Chinese, Indian and Western music in the background. Go ahead my friends, and enjoy ...

Come, visit me sometime. :)


Say It, Tell, Spit It Out!

Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". And He's right.

Sometime back, someone (shucks, I can't even remember who) awarded me a "Sisterhood Award" or something, but I didn't know what to do with it other than thanking the person! Then 2 days' back, Rae gave me the "Kreative Award". Oh, I'm getting the hang of it now, I'm supposed to sort of 'hang' up the award on my blog in appreciation for the honour bestowed. Oic (knocking my forehead).

Then, I thought, I've better start giving out awards of my own to all those online friends who have been so supportive of me all this while. And I did, in the post below.

Now, here's the interesting part; seeing what huge encouragement my simple little virtual award can do for those who've received it! Take a look at the reactions from Rachel, Neen, Judy and Miles! And I feel so good when they feel so good! :)

Their excitement in getting the award tells me that I've done something right. This reminds me that it is important to EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION to people, especially to those whom we care for! What is love if it is hidden in the heart? What can such kind of love do? It has no impact.

If a simple virtual thingy like this can spice up someone's life and give him/her renewed hope, encouragement and affirmation, think of what your genuine spoken words of love can do for your loved ones?

So say it, tell, spit it out today, don't delay, "I really appreciate you for ..." and see what you'll receive in return! :)