It Takes More Energy To Fail Than To Succeed?

I was stunned by this statement from Reverent Orsella's blog - http://revorcooper-dailyinspiration.blogspot.com/ (there's something wrong with my blog, can't insert a link, can't post a picture, can't change my font, sheesh ... got no time to fix it).

"It takes more energy to fail than to succeed" ???

Kind of agree with it. Everything consumes energy, even failing. Being afraid takes energy, being reluctant to pursue something takes energy, being in despair takes energy... Rather than to be consumed by something negative, you and I will do better by working on something positive. Rather than to cower in fear, you and I will do better by facing the challenge.

I will throw myself into my job. :) (It is so easy to come up with 100 excuses why I shouldn't work today.)


Analisa said...

Jane this is so true. Sometimes I use my excuses so I won't have to face the challenge. When I do it anyway I feel so great. I remember how many times God said "Fear Not".

Jane said...

Yes, fear not. Still learning. :)