I learn a new definition for 'motivation' today.

According to Dr. Zonnya, a Motivation Trainer, "We are 'motivated' when we make a choice to take action for a result whether we feel like it or not. Motivation is not about 'feeling,' it is simply about 'choosing.' "

Expanding on the part about taking action whether you feel like it or not, she says, "When you make a choice to take action for a results, then how you feel does not enter into the equation. How many times do you do what you do, when you do not feel like it? If you have children, how many times do you get up in the middle of the night to take care of your child when you did not feel like it? Have you ever gone to a business training seminar, but you didn't feel like it? Have you ever persevered in the midst of feeling bad, to do a business presentation or make extra calls?"

Well said but wouldn't the results be less than perfect, or less than good if I'm half-hearted in, say, doing a sale presentation? My prospect can literally sense my lack of enthusiasm and reject my offer.

In sales, the way a sale representative carries himself can affect his prospect by about 30%, and his non-verbal cues would affect by up to 55%. We have to convey the right 'feel'. I appreciate the reminder that 'motivation' is simply 'doing it', but the first thing to do is to deal with our feelings before we actually go out and do it, or else it will be a waste of time.

I said this from experience, cos I'd forced myself out there before, but on days when I really didn't feel like it, it was really a total waste of time. Then again, what I've learnt today would 'motivate' me to 'get motivated' and 'stay motivated'. No one can movtivate me if I don't want to be motivated eh?


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Ardy said...

Amen! Motivation comes from yourself and the provision comes from God. Keep the faith Jane. God bless you.