Thankful To Be Alive

About a year ago, I'd lost 2 friends within 2 months. One lost her life through illness and the other took her own life. I still think of them both and draw lessons. The conclusion I've come to today is still the same as a year's ago, LIFE IS PRECIOUS, treasure it...

We have only one life to live and there are so many things tugging for our attention. I was just sitting down with a pen and paper, organizing my priorities. I was kind of overwhelmed by the nitty gritty of it all, when I suddenly thought, hey, I'm glad to be alive and I shall take all these in my strides, never mind if they aren't done the best they should be done.

The way to live is to simplify life. Be humble, be content, learn to rest, live with integrity, courage, know God's steadfastness and faithfulness, perceive that when God doesn't deliver you, He'll walk through the situation with you. Live life with a surrendered heart to Him as He grows your character. Let Him heal your wounds and resolve your conflicts. Be future-minded, because His goodness and mercy will follow you, all the days of your life and you shall dwell in His house forever.

Eternity has begun in your life the very day you've received Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. You've just got to work out your life. Fight on, there's value in living, don't ever give up.

Let's celebrate the life He gives, live on, explore and be thankful.

(For those who know Esther and PC personally, you may wish to drop a note to commemorate their lives...)


The Shortest Post

Walk by faith and not by sight (or any other senses) because God's love is above life's circumstances.


All In A Night's Work

The past week went by without a single sale. It's not a complaint, just a fact. It's just a salesperson's plight or, er, job ... Ah, all in a day's work. Or night's work rather. I'll leave the house at about 7.20 p.m. Let's see if the prospect who has promised to meet me tonight will keep his promise??? Let's see if this meeting will result in a sale? Let's see if I'll have the momentum to knock on other doors? I will do it, may the Lord watch over me, no this is not a prayer for physical protection though I know God will protect me anyway, may the Lord watch over me and keep me going, because it's all in a night's work. :)


A Fulfilling Day

This has been one of the most fulfilling days of my life in recent weeks!

Not that I've made any sale at all during the past two days at a roadshow event, but it went like this ...

After Church, my spouse and I enjoyed a good meal with a brother-in-Christ. We had a wonderful time of sharing. He opened up about his personal hurts and difficulties. He told us his fears and doubts. We listened and responded with similar sharings. Together, we encouraged one another. Ah, this is true fellowship and unity in the Spirit and it is as savouring as the meal we've had!

Then at work later today, my (much) younger colleague told me how he'd detested me earlier because he thought I was prejudiced against him. I admitted that I didn't appreciate him very much initially because he was not forthright in his conversations with me and gave me the impression that he's phoney. We had a heart-warming conversation and shared mutual words of respect. He kept heaping praises on me before a new colleague.

His compliments truly awed me because I know I don't deserve it. Thank God that I'm at an age where flattery doesn't get me on cloud nine easily. I'm very aware of my weaknesses and how easy it is for me to fail the very next minute. I thank God that He has enabled me to reflect His glory (we never have glory of our own, we can only reflect our Master's glory). I really don't want to be his role model or anything, but I'm glad to be an instrument of blessings to him.

Then, I got to know two new colleagues better. One opened up quickly about her personal details and challenges in life without promptings and I listened. The other is a very young lady who's a keen learner and I taught her what I knew and would share more with her in time to come.

Then, as we sat together, my colleagues saw and liked some of my personal presentation templates (that I'd spent hours designing) from my file, so I promised to print for them. (For the uninformed, a sales person's presentation file is 'sacred' to himself or herself, it's like one's trade secrets not to be carelessly shared with competitors. But the Holy Spirit has convinced me over the past weeks to share my file with others if they want.)

So what's the point of the above? Evidence of my goodness? No, I'm not blowing my own trumpet, but sharing my mundane 'adventures', yup, adventures in my mundane life ... Most of us are ordinary folks, aren't we? We may not be endowed with spectacular talents, but we're placed all over the planet to just fulfill our personal ministries. Little acts of kindness performed here and there, and together we can impact the world!

It is more blessed to give than to receive. It is better to share than to keep.

I've earned absolutely NOTHING today but I feel so RIIICHH! Praise the Lord!

Oh, on a side note, I've also been working today, lest you think I've spent all my time talking to my colleagues. No, laziness is not a testimony.


It Takes More Energy To Fail Than To Succeed?

I was stunned by this statement from Reverent Orsella's blog - http://revorcooper-dailyinspiration.blogspot.com/ (there's something wrong with my blog, can't insert a link, can't post a picture, can't change my font, sheesh ... got no time to fix it).

"It takes more energy to fail than to succeed" ???

Kind of agree with it. Everything consumes energy, even failing. Being afraid takes energy, being reluctant to pursue something takes energy, being in despair takes energy... Rather than to be consumed by something negative, you and I will do better by working on something positive. Rather than to cower in fear, you and I will do better by facing the challenge.

I will throw myself into my job. :) (It is so easy to come up with 100 excuses why I shouldn't work today.)



I've been worrying about two things in my sales career but over the last few days, I overcame them both! My first worry was having to make a presentation in Mandarin (Chinese), and the second was my doubt in my ability to market a particular program.

But thank God for His help that within a week, I did them both! Praise God!

Though I'd sincerely accepted compliments from my colleagues for a big sale done in Mandarin which I wasn't eloquent in, I've ALWAYS believed at the back of my mind that it was God who enabled and God who gave. So I really want to thank my God here that He has shown me the impossible again.

I know many obstacles we're facing are not really obstacles, but they seem pretty hard to overcome initially. We can think of so many 'reasons' not to do well, that sometimes, we almost give up without even trying. But yes, thank God, I needed a boost in my confidence to go out and do it, and after reading the article on 'motivation', I just threw myself into situations that I would normally dread.

Door to door knocking was not my cup of tea in the past, but I just got myself to do it for this job. So recently, I knocked, knocked and knocked somemore. And when they opened the door, I just talked to them, overcoming their resistance, staying put and not moved away quickly. The joy of anticipation came when they lowered their guard and let me in, and most interestingly BOUGHT after an-hour's presentation!

It feels so good to succeed, it's a validation of my skills (which I know contributes to the success cos I work hard training myself), but more importantly, a validation of God's faithfulness.

All glory be to God my provider! Amen.



I learn a new definition for 'motivation' today.

According to Dr. Zonnya, a Motivation Trainer, "We are 'motivated' when we make a choice to take action for a result whether we feel like it or not. Motivation is not about 'feeling,' it is simply about 'choosing.' "

Expanding on the part about taking action whether you feel like it or not, she says, "When you make a choice to take action for a results, then how you feel does not enter into the equation. How many times do you do what you do, when you do not feel like it? If you have children, how many times do you get up in the middle of the night to take care of your child when you did not feel like it? Have you ever gone to a business training seminar, but you didn't feel like it? Have you ever persevered in the midst of feeling bad, to do a business presentation or make extra calls?"

Well said but wouldn't the results be less than perfect, or less than good if I'm half-hearted in, say, doing a sale presentation? My prospect can literally sense my lack of enthusiasm and reject my offer.

In sales, the way a sale representative carries himself can affect his prospect by about 30%, and his non-verbal cues would affect by up to 55%. We have to convey the right 'feel'. I appreciate the reminder that 'motivation' is simply 'doing it', but the first thing to do is to deal with our feelings before we actually go out and do it, or else it will be a waste of time.

I said this from experience, cos I'd forced myself out there before, but on days when I really didn't feel like it, it was really a total waste of time. Then again, what I've learnt today would 'motivate' me to 'get motivated' and 'stay motivated'. No one can movtivate me if I don't want to be motivated eh?




I used to think that respect is something you earn. Yes this is still true to a certain extent. But lately, I've also learnt that respect is something I decide to GIVE.

When you behave in admirable ways, it is natural for me to respect you. Then when you fall short, respect is something I decide to give you. I give it to you because of what I am, and not what you are.

Make sense?



My mind's so consumed with work that my life has turned boring! Sigh. But I haven't mastered so many skills and I'm bent on improving myself before another thing gets my attention. That's inflexible me. When I'm on to something, I've just got to get it right (or as right as possible) before I can relax. Wonder, when will I get it?

Sidenote - What the heck happens to blogspot? There seems to be so many bugs lately. I can't get my font right for this post!