I used to think that respect is something you earn. Yes this is still true to a certain extent. But lately, I've also learnt that respect is something I decide to GIVE.

When you behave in admirable ways, it is natural for me to respect you. Then when you fall short, respect is something I decide to give you. I give it to you because of what I am, and not what you are.

Make sense?


MilesPerHour said...

Makes sense. But then there is another way to look at respect - forced or feared respect.

Maybe our boss is an, um, not so nice person but we say nothing because he holds our job in her hands.

Or someone has a weapon.

I suppose I am a bit off track on what you are saying... and I do agree with your point.

Ardy said...

Amen! truly what we hold of ourselves is the natural response to everything including dealing with the other people. Look up to God and we will never be mistaken. God bless you.

Jane said...

Hi MPH, hm, that sounds more like fear? :)

Ardy, thanks! :)

appleofhiseye said...

Hi jane
I think that you are right. we cant change who we are beause of some one else. But sometime's our respect is not genuine because the person has sapped every last bit of it out ya..anyhoo..we can still be kind and courteous( don't think I spelt that right.)

Jane said...

Hi Appleofhiseye, ya, some people are taxing, sapping every bit of our respect. I'd to deal with one such guy just two days' back, I almost lost my cool. Thank God I didn't. :)