Thankful To Be Alive

About a year ago, I'd lost 2 friends within 2 months. One lost her life through illness and the other took her own life. I still think of them both and draw lessons. The conclusion I've come to today is still the same as a year's ago, LIFE IS PRECIOUS, treasure it...

We have only one life to live and there are so many things tugging for our attention. I was just sitting down with a pen and paper, organizing my priorities. I was kind of overwhelmed by the nitty gritty of it all, when I suddenly thought, hey, I'm glad to be alive and I shall take all these in my strides, never mind if they aren't done the best they should be done.

The way to live is to simplify life. Be humble, be content, learn to rest, live with integrity, courage, know God's steadfastness and faithfulness, perceive that when God doesn't deliver you, He'll walk through the situation with you. Live life with a surrendered heart to Him as He grows your character. Let Him heal your wounds and resolve your conflicts. Be future-minded, because His goodness and mercy will follow you, all the days of your life and you shall dwell in His house forever.

Eternity has begun in your life the very day you've received Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. You've just got to work out your life. Fight on, there's value in living, don't ever give up.

Let's celebrate the life He gives, live on, explore and be thankful.

(For those who know Esther and PC personally, you may wish to drop a note to commemorate their lives...)


Just Be Real said...

Thank you for the encouraging post. Blessings.

myra said...

Hi Jane thanks for stopping and you give good advise about life we should be thankful everyday for what we have. By the way I posted a larger shot of that mark if you could take one more look for me please. Thanks again for all your kind words on my blogs and god bless

Jane said...

Hi JBR, I really hope that you'll break through your pain and share your joy with us. :) :)

Myra, you're most welcome. I've posted a reply in your blog.