Sharing With You - Singapore, My Home!

Some of you may know that I'm from Singapore. But where the heck is this place? It is a tiny speck of island at the southern tip of Malaysia, a little red dot as Indonesia refers to us, a survivor. May I humbly present to you my beloved country: SINGAPORE, My Home!

I will show you 2 youtubes, the first by Discovery Channel on how Singapore has progressed from 3rd world status to first within a short span of 30 to 40 years! Catch a glimpse of what my mom's generation looked like. Yes, I remember living in a house with at least 3 other families ...

And the second youtube brought to you by The Singapore Tourism Board (I think) shows our diverse cultures and activities. We are made up of 4 major ethnic groups; Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians. Over the years, we have become more cosmopolitan as we assimiliate foreigners from all over the world. You will see from this video that the present day Singapore is an active financial center, a shoppers' paradise and a wonderful tourist destination with various places of interest. Feel the mood of our nation as the video plays against a composite of Chinese, Indian and Western music in the background. Go ahead my friends, and enjoy ...

Come, visit me sometime. :)


Say It, Tell, Spit It Out!

Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". And He's right.

Sometime back, someone (shucks, I can't even remember who) awarded me a "Sisterhood Award" or something, but I didn't know what to do with it other than thanking the person! Then 2 days' back, Rae gave me the "Kreative Award". Oh, I'm getting the hang of it now, I'm supposed to sort of 'hang' up the award on my blog in appreciation for the honour bestowed. Oic (knocking my forehead).

Then, I thought, I've better start giving out awards of my own to all those online friends who have been so supportive of me all this while. And I did, in the post below.

Now, here's the interesting part; seeing what huge encouragement my simple little virtual award can do for those who've received it! Take a look at the reactions from Rachel, Neen, Judy and Miles! And I feel so good when they feel so good! :)

Their excitement in getting the award tells me that I've done something right. This reminds me that it is important to EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION to people, especially to those whom we care for! What is love if it is hidden in the heart? What can such kind of love do? It has no impact.

If a simple virtual thingy like this can spice up someone's life and give him/her renewed hope, encouragement and affirmation, think of what your genuine spoken words of love can do for your loved ones?

So say it, tell, spit it out today, don't delay, "I really appreciate you for ..." and see what you'll receive in return! :)


The Golden Heart Award!

Hi my blogger friends,

Over the past few months, I've been privileged to enjoy your thoughts, inspirations, photos and humour. It's now my turn to express my heart-felt appreciation to you for your friendship extended to me across race, culture, border, and religion. I'm awarding the 'Golden Heart Award' to people whose lives have touched me. Without order of preference, this award goes to:

Rae from Weather Vane
Jeff from My Life Lived My Way
SquirrelQueen from The Road To Here
Neen from Triage
Christine from Now What
AlphaButtonpusher from Push The Button Alpha
MilesPerHour from The Busy Mind Of A Quiet Man
Rachel from Random Crapola
Magdalena from The Untamed Thoughts On Autism

Keep blogging!

Hey, have some light refreshment before you go! :)


Dog And Cat

Forget about your troubles for a while and come watch this ...
Notice how the doggy sighs contentedly afterwards ... :)


The Snail Story Again

Well, since I last posted my snail story on 16 Apr, I'd received interesting responses ranging from the clueless to the tickled and to the totally unexpected! I'm amazed at how varied our responses can be! God's creation is indeed diversed!

But this is the way I see it ...

I see the little snail going through a great deal of pain and discomfort, almost breaking his back (if he has one) trying to cross the 'chasm'. He's risking his life just to get over to the other side! Why? What attracts him? Why does he bother? What motivates him?

What if he doesn't find what he saw earlier after crossing over? Will he turn back and try as hard to return home? Though it seems kind of funny to me if he does, there's a sober thought lingering at the back of my mind...

Indecision can be costly and risky! He may not make it the second time round ...

It makes me wonder whether that's exactly what we face in life sometimes. We've thought that something or someone is good for us and strive our best to achieve that goal or get that someone, only to realize that it's not worth the effort, and that what we've left behind isn't that bad afterall. Regrets.

So there, that's just my musing, you don't have to take me seriously. By the way, lest you're wondering, I have no regrets in my life. ;)


A Faithful God

Have you seen a house under construction? It's messy and unfit for living. Then after completion, with new paint, stylish furniture, bright curtains etc. it's instantly transformed into a home sweet home. While under construction, only the architect can visualize what the finished product will look like. Others just see bare bricks and mortar.

And the same goes for our lives. Only God knows our end.

I was troubled lately by a series of events, and was very disappointed with others and myself. I've lost my peace and sometimes it almost seems like my Heavenly Father has turned His back on me. But it's not true. My doubts are not from Him.

In my devotional prayer just now, I was apologizing to Him for being so slow in my Christian growth, and He gave me this verse from Philippians 1:6, "And I am sure that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ".

Then I ponder, many of us are diligent and faithful in delivering our work, how much more will a faithful God complete what He has begun (in us). I'm encouraged once again.

Only a faithful and loving God can see the masterpieces in us while we are still under construction. Praise God!


The Snail Story - I Think I Can ... aaargh! Oops?

Here's a little snail that finds the grass greener on the other side.

So it strives to find a way to cross over.

The quest is almost insurmountable!

But it presses on!


Even more aaaaarrgghhhh!!!

At long last! Yippie! (Applause please! Clap, clap, clap)

Urmm, now the grass seems greener over the OTHER side!

Oh well, here we go again ... Aaarrggghhh ....

~~~The End~~~


Fear Of Loosing Out

What I really want to do now is to take a break from ALL kinds of job, even self-employment, but I'm afraid that I'll loose out if I don't get another job now cos I'm already 51, and I may loose momentum if I delay too long!

I've been offered an opportunity to be part of a pioneer sales team in a company specializing in cognitive development programs. This company intends to launch its sales aggressively and the job looks promising. But I'm not sure whether it's for me, and even if it's for me, should I join it NOW!

My spouse's weight has gone down, his doesn't sleep as well as before and his blood pressure is at times lower than usual. It could be due to his busy work schedule or anxieties, anyway, it worries me. As his wife, I wish to be able to help him. I've thought of exercising more with him, providing him with more home-cooked food, and planning our family's future together, discussing on how we should re-position ourselves for the future etc.

But now, what am I to do with this offer to start selling again? I'm a little vexed. Perhaps I should just shelve it till later? But the sales fair will be on next weekend and think about the amount of leads I'll be wasting if I don't go! And I'm afraid that I'll regret it if I don't join the company now, but then again, I'm not quite ready for this yet. Unlike the last sales job which I really believed in, the one that I dived right into, this one, it's like, "Oh sales again huh? ok ..." but I've no zest left in me.

Perhaps it's my PMT or what, for those of you who trust God, please pray for me to make the right decision. Thank you.