The Gardener's Hands

A gardener can't cultivate beautiful plants without soiling his hands. Working under the hot sun, tilling the soil, handling fertilizer, planting the seeds and watering them are all work of care and patience. He has faith that the seeds will sprout into seedlings and grow up bearing its flowers and seeds of its own in due season.

The Son of God can't save us if He prefers His pearly throne and crystal sea. He has to abandon His glory to walk amongst us and be as one of us, weak and vulnerable. But He's not afraid to get involved with our messy lives. He works for our good and His motives were pure.

I've heeded God's promptings to do the good works He has prepared for me to do, nothing great and noteworthy, but just some work He thinks I should be able to handle, and I am trying to do them. While my spirit is indeed willing, my flesh is getting weaker by the day as I see my work being sabotaged from the left and the right again and again... But it's not my work actually, it's God's work for I'm just a vessel, a willing vessel (a cracked pot).

You can't work for God without loving people. You can't love people without getting involved. And you can't avoid getting hurt and disappointed when you get involved. You'll need a great deal of faith and hope to believe that the troubles you face are indeed transient.

Lives don't get changed over night. Characters take a life time of transformation even when it's by the power of the Holy Spirit. I'm a little overwhelmed by the load, and am in need of wisdom and discernment going forward, but I've not given up...

Analisa, my good blogger friend and sis-in-Christ has advised me not to be weary in well-doing, for I'll reap in due season if I do not loose heart...



I will never forget a simple but impactful greeting card which I've seen years ago. It was drawn in cartoon and it conveys an endearing and encouraging message that is applicable to all who are downcast.

It shows a dejected little lamb sitting helplessly by the lake, looking despondent and staring aimlessly into the water. In its misery, it has failed to notice that its reflection has that of Jesus sitting by its side! Lo and behold, the invisible Good Shepherd has in fact an arm around the little lamb, quietly supporting and comforting it!

That card speaks volume! And it is still speaking to me today.


The 3 Truths About Shit

Life has been a little serious for me recently and my younger son gave me a good laugh with this joke, here it goes...

A little bird was frozen stiff in mid flight during one harsh winter and dropped to the ground. While it laid there helplessly, a cow came by and shit on it. The heat from the dung actually thawed the bird and it was so happy that it began to chirp! Just then, a hungry cat passed by, and despite the filth, picked the bird out from the shit and ate it!

The three morals of this story are:

1. Not everyone who gets you into shit is your enemy.
2. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
3. And when you're in deep shit, keep quiet!

Have a nice day! :)