I will never forget a simple but impactful greeting card which I've seen years ago. It was drawn in cartoon and it conveys an endearing and encouraging message that is applicable to all who are downcast.

It shows a dejected little lamb sitting helplessly by the lake, looking despondent and staring aimlessly into the water. In its misery, it has failed to notice that its reflection has that of Jesus sitting by its side! Lo and behold, the invisible Good Shepherd has in fact an arm around the little lamb, quietly supporting and comforting it!

That card speaks volume! And it is still speaking to me today.


Analisa said...

What a wonderful image of God's love.

RCUBEs said...

That's a beautiful image...as if I can see it myself. But we don't have to. We know that we believe not by sight but by faith! God bless.

MTJ said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for sharing a word of encouragement.


Terry said...

dear jane..i saw you over at mr. old geezers and i am so glad to hear that you are a chistian wife and are happy with your family.
this post here reminds me of the poem about the footprints.
i even like this better though about the little lamb where the good shepherd was so close to him and he never even realized it.
how great that even when we think we are alone, that jesus doesn't even blame us but probably draws by us even closer!
good post jane!...from terry

Jane said...

Hi Analisa, Rcubes, MTJ and Terry, Glad you're encouraged!