An advertisement in the newspaper reads like this:

Personal Assistant required:
* for eldery couple
* preferable with nursing experience
We require a companion / personal assistant / friend to manage two house maids, one driver and two nurses in the house. A companion for a very eloquent, alert 85 year old mom. Pls respond to Andrea: andrea123abc@hotmail.com***
(***Note: "Andrea" and her hotmail address are fictitious)

Wow! I don't know about you, but when I read it, the immediate thought that came to my mind is, "Hm, what a fortunate old mom, I wish my sons would do the same for me too when I get old ... (Hint, hint, blink, blink :) :) ;) ;) to my sons who do read my blog!)

Imagine having the blessings to be able to age and retire with dignity, respect, care... above all, love. This ad doesn't just speak of riches, I mean, look, two house maids, one driver and two nurses, phew! It speaks of a wonderful daughter who's looking for a companion for her elderly mom! It also speaks tons about the old lady, very eloquent, alert, 85 year-old, witty, sharp, happy :) .

Of course you can still find fault and ask why doesn't the daughter look after her herself, but she may have too many things she has to attend to personally, her business, her spouse, children, commitments... But she does look after the needs of her mom.

Sigh, I hope this family has Christ too, and that they reach out to the less fortunate too, because they certainly have the capacity to do so. It is a beautiful picture when God's people look after their own and to the needs of others around them. Well, I'll never find out if they belong to God's kingdom, well, unless I apply for this post... um... hm ... :) Just musing aloud, ha!



I know I'm boring many readers... I don't know what to do... next... in my ministry. The people I've cared for in my ministry are facing bigger and bigger problems in their lives and I'm really lost myself, I know not what to do next...