Doing Right Doing Wrong

I've lived long enough on planet Earth to be able to discern what's right and wrong! Or do I?

Well, there are times when I got confused. Recently I've done something drastic in a moment of fury to help a friend. I thought it was a good deed and though it seemed to have better the life of the one I'd helped, my action had disrupted and derailed the lives of others.

This burden gnawed at my conscience for many a days until a preacher shared on Mark 2:1-12. It was the story of 4 men who carried their friend, a paraplegic to Jesus for healing. When they reached Peter's house where Jesus was in, they couldn't get in because of the crowd.

So what did the 4 men do? Return home and come again another day? Wait for their turn? They couldn't wait, they refused to wait and they made a drastic decision. They climbed up to the roof of the house and hacked it opened till they could lower their friend to Jesus' feet. They didn't care what others thought of them, ignored the shouts and fury of others to stop hacking, and perhaps risked being hauled to court later on for damaging Peter's property. Because of their determination and love, their friend was ultimately healed by Jesus.

There and then at that moment when this story was re-told at the pulpit, my eyes moistened. I was touched. The preacher was teaching another sermon with that story but God ministered to me in another way.

Imagine, would you approve of such anti-social behaviours? The vandalism of property? The audacity to interrupt a conference where Jesus was the guest-of-honour? And not waiting in line for one's turn? Would you? But Jesus did not reprimand the 4 men. He overlooked their rashness and had his eyes fixed on the man in need ...

I cried because I felt like one of the men. I'm so thankful to God for looking beyond my mistakes and blessing my friend...


Feeling God Again

Dear Heavenly Father, I need a huge dose of your anointing in my life right now, to recover my sense of direction, purpose, mission and meaning, to recover the peace and joy that I've once enjoyed. I know that whatever I've lost can be found at the foot of your cross... that's where I need to find myself... Help me find you again Lord.