My life has been revolving around my work lately. Things are happening, good things, bad things and new things.

The good things, I've got a brand new god-daughter and have been able to sell rather successfully lately. The bad things, someone with questionable character is recruited into my company and work relationships have been touchy. New things ... I've initiated a move for 2 of my colleagues and I (so the 3 of us) into a new team, and there'll be new arrangements ...

Because of all the happenings, I've been having restless sleep and quick devotional time, sometimes even missing it! I know I need to quiet myself before the Lord. I don't quite know what's troubling me but there seem to be hang-ups somewhere and I can't quite put a finger to the worrying factors.

I need a break.


Still Kicking

Hi all, just to say I'm alive and kicking in 2010. :) I thank God for His goodness towards my household in 2009.

And hey, a piece of good news to those who are concerned, the person I was witnessing to, she accepted Christ on 24 Dec 09 and I'd caught her joy on video! Praise God! Finally, I've 'achieved' something of lasting, eternal value, not that I could save her but that I was let into this privilege of reaching out to her for Christ. Praise God!

I love her.