Eye-Blinding Disease

I have open-angle glaucoma in my left-eye. Glaucoma is a silent eye-blinding disease that is hereditary. Thank God it was discovered in a followup check-up after a lasik treatment for the other eye. (And thank God for giving me two eyes!)

Briefly, glaucoma has to do with the dying of optic nerves behind the eyes when internal pressure builds up because it can't drain off fluid normally. You can read it here in details: Glaucoma

My left eye has lost about 10% of its vision. Treatment involves the application of eye-drops. I always feel like I can't see too well and something is blocking my sight, and feel the need to rub my eye. I think I have to get use to this imperfect sight.

What do you see when you have glaucoma?

This is what you see with normal vision:

This is what you see with advance glaucoma:

One dear lady with advance glaucoma in both eyes described her sight like this, "It is like seeing the world through cob-webs!"

What about the other eye problems and diseases? What would you see if you have macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal degeneration, floaters or colour blindness?

Shudder, shudder ... check out this link, there is a tool to simulate these conditions for you:

May God bless your sight, I will SEE YOU again!


No Arms, No Legs, But A Full Life!

I came home disgruntled about something, thinking about how unfair some things are. I know I've got to give thanks in everything, not just for the good things, but in EVERYTHING, and EVERY situation, because God can make use of everything you've given up to Him to work together for good in your life.

Still, I wasn't happy. I wonder how am I going to face the situation tomorrow?

Then I saw this video, and ... sigh, whom am I to complain? And why should I ever complain?

Lord, please help me to remember Nick's testimony whenever I'm tempted to think that my life's restrained by what I don't have. I have PLENTY! Thank you in Jesus' name!