Can-Do Attitude

While touring a street in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, we came across this young man with no hands, eking out a living making stalks of 'flowers' from coloured dough. (Apology for the blurred-photo taken from my mobile.)

We went to Mong Kok expecting to see all sorts of merchandise, but was pleasantly surprised to find street troupes performing songs, dance and kung fu. What caught my attention were three individuals; this young man selling dough flowers, a man with terrible scarred facial features and a very old woman begging for alms.

We stopped by all three of them...

We the fortunate ones toured the different places in a different world (Hong Kong and Macau), enjoyed its sceneries and savoured its delicacies. Busy town folks as we are, I often paused to plan the various chores I've had to do once I return home. Ever the anxious woman that I am, I sometimes worry over self-imposed dead lines and 'urgent' tasks left at home. The sight of these three individuals halt my worries.

Who would have more woes than them? Without hands, without a face, without financial support, disregarding one's dignity and literally begging for help in the cold wintry weather? Many people were too busy to stop and look, perhaps it's a common sight for the locals. Yet their presence is a stark contrast to whatever we're planning and doing. Despite their circumstances, they have a choice, to survive or give up and die, of course they choose the former.

The young man wasn't begging, and a few were moved to give to him for his effort. But I saw no one giving to the disfigured man, he was really disgusted to look at and seemed to come straight out of a sci-fi movie, and no one gave to the old lady... We gave and my son consoled the disfigured man who identified himself as a Christian. I wonder whether he was a Christian before or after his accident? Anyway, as long as he is a Christian, I believe that God will watch over him one way or another and I wish sincerely that God will help him further...

Seeing other's misfortunes, I checked myself again, don't worry about life and its chores. How hard can our life be compared to them? Have a can-do attitude in life, no matter how hard or pressing circumstances are, there are still things we can do to help ourselves and things will work out one way or another. For us the children of God we have the added blessing of God's faithfulness.