Been busy doing roadshows. Had interesting encounters with all sorts of people. Made some sales. Got to know fellow colleagues better. This job is not for those who's shy, proud or lazy. And you've got to believe in what you market and delight in talking to strangers. It's the kind of job that'll jumpstart your EQ and make you a humbler person if you have the right attitude. I would recommend it to anyone.



How time flies! I've been busy, but what did I do? Let's see ... hm ...I didn't start selling again right after the last road show ... oh yes, was nursing a cough, then sorting out a work problem with the boss, then preparing a powerpoint for a group presentation ... I'm so tired after creating the 54-slide ppt! Ooooh, my eyes!

At the back of my mind I'm kinda worried about how far I'm lagging behind in sales. One colleague recalls that I sold everyday at the last road show, and she expects me to repeat that feat I think! Boy, that adds on the pressure! But THAT was God's special lesson for me, to seek Him first and He would add all things to me ...

Well, whatever happens, I must not forget that my identity, security and significance are in Christ, whether or not I sell.

On a lighter note, I'd such a fun time with my colleague trying to do up some product videos. I haven't had the experience of laughing till it hurts for a long long time! I hope this job will eventually work out for me cos I really like the working environment, the bosses, the colleagues and the work. :) :) :)