How time flies! I've been busy, but what did I do? Let's see ... hm ...I didn't start selling again right after the last road show ... oh yes, was nursing a cough, then sorting out a work problem with the boss, then preparing a powerpoint for a group presentation ... I'm so tired after creating the 54-slide ppt! Ooooh, my eyes!

At the back of my mind I'm kinda worried about how far I'm lagging behind in sales. One colleague recalls that I sold everyday at the last road show, and she expects me to repeat that feat I think! Boy, that adds on the pressure! But THAT was God's special lesson for me, to seek Him first and He would add all things to me ...

Well, whatever happens, I must not forget that my identity, security and significance are in Christ, whether or not I sell.

On a lighter note, I'd such a fun time with my colleague trying to do up some product videos. I haven't had the experience of laughing till it hurts for a long long time! I hope this job will eventually work out for me cos I really like the working environment, the bosses, the colleagues and the work. :) :) :)

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