Living Sacrifice

One of the things I'd done by faith in last week's prayer marathon was to place myself on God's altar as a living sacrifice.

I remember the offerings my mom used to sacrifice to her idols many years ago. They were slaughtered and cooked before they were offered at the altar. I can't imagine if she'd placed a live chicken on the altar!

Living sacrifices are troublesome because they can crawl off the altar anytime! I'd intended to put God first in my life, ahead of my family and my aspirations etc. when I felt God said something else to me. Why did I offer everything else to God when it was I that God wanted? So, by faith, I placed myself on the altar instead of every other thing important to me. I remember a picture I've seen years ago, that of a little boy, placing himself in the donation box of his Church, the card reads, "One life to offer". That was touching.

I've made myself available to God the past 3 days at a road show where we were promoting our company's products. I wasn't focusing on the sales, but on any person who needed my attention. Somehow my colleagues who were mainly foreigners kept talking to me, seeking friendship, encouragement and guidance. I spent time meeting their needs, not worrying whether I would make any sales. I've never taken such a leap of faith in my entire Christian walk. And something miraculous happened. I didn't seek sales, but sales sought after me. I made 5 sales in 3 days which was quite impressive for a newcomer, and I made them joyfully and easily. These sales were all given by God.

True to His Word, God says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you."

Being human, I wonder how long will I be able to stay on the altar before itching to crawl away... But what I've learnt last week is not to put my confidence in the flesh but in the strength of my God. It would be wonderful if I can live the rest of my life by faith.


MilesPerHour said...

Great post and I thank you for sharing it. I give my stuff to God and then take it back only to give it up again and take it back again. Being imperfect, My intention is to do the best I can with my faith no matter how many times I slip.

Jane said...

Thanks Miles, if we say that we have no sin, we lie. I whole heartedly agree with your statement, "My intention is to do the best I can with my faith no matter how many times I slip." Only the dead can't sin anymore. God is gracious and He'll help us in our weaknesses. :)