Both my colleague and I cut the deal with our customer today! Yeh!

However, we must have had these words printed on our foreheads though, "Can be bullied" cos she drove a very hard bargain and we couldn't reach a decision till our boss helped us over the phone. Our presentation went nothing as planned or conjured in my imagination. We only knew at the end of the sale that the customer had already made up her mind to buy right from the start, but she just wanted a good bargain. I didn't like the way she pushed us around, she even went to the extent of filling out her own Order Form instead of allowing my colleague to fill it in for her as per custom. What arrogance! But what to do? The customer is always right ... Sheesh.

Well, anyway, a sale's a sale, and my colleague has had her 'ice-breaking' experience within her first month too. Thank God. :)

Hm ... but what about all those inspirations I felt the Lord giving me last night? Pep talks from God? May be, cos without those thoughts, I would have given up even before I start. Ok, y a w n n n ... I'm going to sleep now. Now where's my pillow? Good night. :)

Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z ..

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