Guess my favourite colors

Some colors just mesmerize me, I'm attracted to them like bees to honey ...

Now how to enlarge the pictures???

Someone just emailed me lots of pics entitling, "If Earth is so beautiful, what will Heaven be like?"

I figure, lots of beautiful colors, fragrances, visuals, melodies, smiling faces, and hopefully lots of chocolate!


- Jan - said...

I agree! Chocolate should definitely be there! Btw, the pictures are sooo beautiful. Please post more if you have others.

Jane said...

Yes, some other time, :)

Pttyann said...

Yeaaaaa all of that and Chocolate to Wow! I also love colors!
Numbers 6:24~26

Just Be Real said...


Nah only kidding. Love the purple!

Blessings Jane!

Neen said...

On your photo upload screen there are 3 choices to check...small, medium or large. I didn't know that at the beginning and all my pictures are small at the beginning of my Blog *S*
GORGEOUS! I especially love the first one.