Be Nice!

Someone left this comment on Andrea's recent post Isn't this awesome? The topic discusses on how we should be nice towards others etc, and someone posts this comment, " I am going to be the bitter one in this. I love people to be nice to me, and I try hard to be, but if we are talking retailers that is their job!"

Well, I've been a sales person the third time round and I'm still mulling over this; how far should we go to be 'nice' to make a sale? Is the customer always right? How far are we to bent over backwards just to make a sale? Is being nice a professional trait or just a sales tactic? Can a sales person be just as honest and sincere as say, a teacher or a doctor? Do we have feelings?

The humiliation sales folks have to take day in and day out are beyond words. (Once I met someone by appointment and we spoke for about 45 minutes before he even bothered to look at me.) And some sales people just W'ONT TAKE IT! You can keep your money and I keep my pride, cos I won't starve if you don't buy!

For me, I'm sticking on to this job for awhile because it's great character training, cos I feel I've been so blessed all my life and come what 'sh**' in my job, I'll learn to take it. I want to see how far I can go and how much I can endure.

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