So Glad!

I'm so glad that I've found a new friend! I've never met her in person, but she showers me with love and genuine concern when she feels that I'm in trouble, well, blame my vague posts, I'm sorry that I've befuddled many people, misleading them into thinking that I'm in some kind of a depression or what for the sad tune to my recent posts... It's just that I can't share openly sometimes, you know, when you have to express something and you know so and so will be reading it?

Anyway, please meet my new friend, Analisa. :) We've been exchanging emails when she took it upon herself to see to it that I'm encouraged and that I get out of my 'depression'. What a sweet soul...

Get a feel of our blossoming friendship (hey, I 'lost' a friend, I've found another! Praise God) from the following excerpts from our emails:

Analisa: I am so glad you are not suffering from depression. I thought you were depressed because of your last few posts, with the exception of the one about the movie, you seemed to be struggling. But let God be right and every man be a liar I am happy very happy to be wrong.
I know God will bless you. Please keep me in your your prayers.

Me: Analisa, Thanks for being so concerned for me. I've prayed through my issues with ... I've prayed for God to help me re-focus on my work, He has asked me earlier to focus on building my sales now till He shows me the next step, His next assignment. I've also prayed that God would help me and remind me to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. How's that? :) Oh, I'll be at another counter sale this weekend... I've prayed for two sales for myself. :)

For you, now I pray:"Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Analisa, as she ponders about your work for her, please keep her healthy in mind, body and spirit. Please provide for her every need as she waits upon you for a new direction in her life. Father, reveal your plans to her and give her all resources; finance, guidance and helpers to come alongside to help her work out your plans. Keep her spiritually sharp, keep her heart soft to discern your leadings. God bless her abundantly, exceedingly in all that she can pray or ask for. I commit this dear sister into your hands, Lord, don't let the evil one/s touch her. May your peace and your joy be with her always. Thank you, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

Analisa: Jane, I am so happy for you. I stand with you for sucess in your sales. Thank you so much for your prayer. It made me cry because it was everything I needed. It lets me know how much God loves me when I find sisters in the faith like you.

Me: Analisa, I feel the same about you. You are a rare gem of a friend. Some people found a place in my heart and I showed them special concern, but they rarely reciprocate, not that I look for favours in return, but as a human being, it feels good that someone to whom you have extended friendship looks upon you as a friend. I've always have the experience of reaching out to people, but seldom the other way round, possibly because they see that all my needs are met. I therefore felt so touched that you bother to reach out to me after reading a few posts from my blog. I'm exceedingly glad that I can make a true friend through blogging! This is indeed another blessing from God. Let's keep in touch often and encourage one another in our walk with God, sister.

Oh, as for sales these 2 days, I'd made a sale, with another pending confirmation in a month's time. Thank you for your prayer support. You know, the comments you dropped at my blog and the encouragement you gave through emails, REALLY encourage me. Even my husband is glad you've told me that every door (or every person) I knock or approach, despite them turning me down, is actually leading me to the one who'll eventually buy from me. This is a very comforting thought, and it's true. Praise God for your word of wisdom, an apt word, a word in season. Thank you sis. Wow. :) It's 9.53 pm now, I shall sign off. Bless you sis.


Analisa said...

I feel so honored and humbled by your post.

You are such a sweetheart!

Jane said...

You're a sweetheart too. :)