I've been worrying about two things in my sales career but over the last few days, I overcame them both! My first worry was having to make a presentation in Mandarin (Chinese), and the second was my doubt in my ability to market a particular program.

But thank God for His help that within a week, I did them both! Praise God!

Though I'd sincerely accepted compliments from my colleagues for a big sale done in Mandarin which I wasn't eloquent in, I've ALWAYS believed at the back of my mind that it was God who enabled and God who gave. So I really want to thank my God here that He has shown me the impossible again.

I know many obstacles we're facing are not really obstacles, but they seem pretty hard to overcome initially. We can think of so many 'reasons' not to do well, that sometimes, we almost give up without even trying. But yes, thank God, I needed a boost in my confidence to go out and do it, and after reading the article on 'motivation', I just threw myself into situations that I would normally dread.

Door to door knocking was not my cup of tea in the past, but I just got myself to do it for this job. So recently, I knocked, knocked and knocked somemore. And when they opened the door, I just talked to them, overcoming their resistance, staying put and not moved away quickly. The joy of anticipation came when they lowered their guard and let me in, and most interestingly BOUGHT after an-hour's presentation!

It feels so good to succeed, it's a validation of my skills (which I know contributes to the success cos I work hard training myself), but more importantly, a validation of God's faithfulness.

All glory be to God my provider! Amen.


Libertine said...

You should be so proud of yourself! Overcoming your fears and just going for it is so important in persuit of any carreer, but especially sales. All the best

Jane said...

Thanks Libertine. We've been warned again and again by our GM not to be proud lest we fall. I'm still not 'there' yet in sales, but I'll try my best to do better and better, will feel great if I can, but will guard my heart not to be proud, lest I return to square 1. :)

Lynn said...

Psalm 28:7:
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.