Love Before Righting Wrongs

Ah, this title reflects my sentiments indeed! We have a tendency to reprimand people for their mistakes rather than to be gracious and forgiving.

I witnessed this at work two days' back when both my colleagues were doing a sales presentation together. The senior colleague was the main presenter while the junior colleague was to entertain the children and keep them occupied so that their mother could have a peace of mind to listen to the presentation. However, the junior colleague absent-mindedly let one of the kids ran off unknowingly, thus distracting the parent who went looking for her child instead. The presentation stopped and she was angrily ticked off by her senior.

It happened again yesterday while she partnered me, again the kid ran off without her knowledge and I asked her to go after him. Thank God that I didn't loose my head, and thank God that I wasn't at all angry because it is scientifically proven that children run faster than you can follow, they kinda possess super power, it takes just a second for them to disappear into thin air, puff... and they're gone, kids will be kids.

May I emphasize here that I'm not blowing my trumpet. I could have reacted the same way my colleague did but I didn't because God has placed a love in my heart for this younger colleague and has specifically told me to take care of her.

"Love before righting wrongs" Love is patient and kind, love forgives, and love does wonders, in us and in others. I pray that God will always help me place love above anything else, above lost sales and lost income. (For the record, I've not lost that sale yet, I've yet to follow up on the parent)

Who would you listen to, look up to, who would you follow and learn from? The one who chew you up or the one who let you off when you make a mistake? I've tasted time and again God's forgiveness, Jesus' compassion and the Holy Spirit's solace, may I extend the mercy I receive from God to those whom He loves through me.

Forgive me if I should fall and fail you in the future Lord, but please help me not to hurt those whom you love through me that your work in them be not undone through my mistakes ...


Analisa said...

I too have tasted Gods love. I can rememember making a mistake on a job over and over. I was trying to send an meeting invitation for my boss who was a director to other high level folks using Outlook. I kept hitting the wrong button sending out my error again and again before correcting it. I told her she came to my office to help me only to make the same mistake I did. She looked at me and began to laugh saying how they would think we were both crazy. It was the best laugh we shared and she never held my mistake against me. I made me a better worker and more loyal to my supervisor who forgave when she could have ranted.

Jane said...

Thank God for merciful bosses! May we practise mercy on those under our charges. Discipline and training must be tampered with mercy to be effective. :)