Another colleague leaving the company as he finds it tough going. I'm with this company for about 6 months and so far 4 colleagues have left. It saddens me. It puzzles me that I'm sad. Why? Why am I sad that people leave for greener pasture? I've been on good terms with them but our friendships, save one, isn't really that in depth. I don't know whether it's pre-menopausal symptoms or what but I'm really becoming sentimental and emotional nowadays. Argh, one more colleague leaving, I'm sadden whenever one leaves, like I've lost something... I wish them all the best.


Analisa said...

You just have a big open heart that genuinely cares for people. There is nothing wrong with that! If there were more workers around like you people would stick around longer.

Jane said...

Faith, hope and love. Because I have difficulties accepting people who are different, I've been praying that God would help me love people. Perhaps God's answering my prayers. On the one hand I think this is it, on the other I thought it could be my pre-menopausal symptoms... But, I'll use my sensitivities for good. :)

Just Be Real said...

Hi Jane. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. Please feel free to copy that image of Jesus and the child. Blessings dear one.