Poisoned Mind

Bigotry is a poison and it is contagious if fed to a weak mind. Thank God I'd surrendered all known prejudices to God some months back when I followed through the 7 steps to Freedom in Christ prayer.

I contacted an acquaintance today to get a phone number. I explained to her that I'm trying to help out a foreigner whom I've recently got to know. She told me that she had lost that phone number and we chatted for a while. Then a few hours later, she called me and implored me NOT to have anything to do with this foreigner because people from this country can't be trusted, because they are ingrates, because she has had dealings with them and those were bad experiences, because so and so's husband was stolen by a woman from this country, because ... and she went on and on. And I was so appalled that I did something which I had to repent of later, I lied. I told her I HAD TO GO and good bye.

That conversation left a bad taste in my mouth. It stirred some feelings that I once had with regard to foreigners from this country. But I've met and made some friends with people from this country and they are good honest people!

Am I to let the poison of bigotry get a hold of me again? NO! By God's grace I shall resist that. I'll need wisdom how to help this person, and I need a huge dose of God's love. I've said that when you dare to love, there's a chance that you'll be hurt one day by the very person you love and help. But if we're to keep counting the cost, we'll be immobilised.

He's the potter, I'm the clay, mould me and make me, this is what I pray. I've decided and will pray through this feeling, come what may, whatever the disappointment if it'll ever happen, I'm going to do this for God.


Pttyann said...

Hi Jane
Hard choices but yes it's best to obey God as we love and reach out to others and yes we may be hurt but God got that covered to! Yeaaaaa God is good & so very faithful.
Love you Jane and do have a wonderful day.

Analisa said...

My mom and I were talking about this very thing yesterday. I was very prejuiced at one point. Shortly after I got saved he spoke to me.
Lisa, how can you say you love me who you can't see and don't love white people.
I was astounded,often black people think we have good reason not to like whites. Yet I began to realize how ugly it was. I repented and God gave me a love for all people. I am so glad he did.

Jane said...

Thank you Pttyann and Analisa, love your support sisters, bless you!