Since Andrea aka Alpha Button has tagged me, I'll just have to continue this good tradition.

For those still s
cratching their heads to the meaning of "being tagged", the picture on your right is NOT it! Relax.

Tagging is just a fun way to promote friendship, share blog links, get traffic, all the good stuff. So the game is like this, if you get tagged by someone, it means someone likes you, and you'll have to pay it forward by tagging 7 other bloggers, and drop comments on their blogs to let them know that they've been tagged. Then, you'll also have to share 7 facts about yourself. Get it? Ok, let's get started!

Ok ... I'm aiming my tag-gun at:

  1. Bushido Bryan - Japanese Animals, Fish, and Wildlife - his blog on Japanese sceneries and animals is an eye-feast to those who appreciate nature's beauty!
  2. Jan - The Little Web - get another Asian perspective besides mine.
  3. Poet - Drawing and Painting - be inspired by his lively sketches and art.
  4. Stanis and other writers - Write Up Cafe - for a dose of Writer's inspiration and poems.
  5. Sarah - Writing - we all have a past, let Sarah tell you her stories.
  6. Francois - Addictive Photography - hey, check out a young man's addiction!
  7. E_M_Y - E_M_Y Reviews - a self-professed 'slightly pessimistic' 16 yr old boy from England
    doing movie reviews, good job.

Ok, 7 facts about me:

  1. Have a tendency to over plan and over do things.
  2. Believe in continual learning.
  3. Family is my priority.
  4. Selective in accepting and maintaining friendships.
  5. Serious in appearance but a joker is dying to break out any time.
  6. Coffee, tea and chocolate are my ONLY vices ;)
  7. Dream to earn a million dollars or possess super powers, either one, I'm not greedy ;)


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

OMG you are my long lost twins. I checked everything on that list lol :)

Jane said...

Ya Andrea? You're sure? Long lost twins borned how many years apart? I can believe you 'cos I was fostered out since infancy, I don't even know who my biological parents are! Hm, send me your photo and I'll see if we look alike, skin-color not withstanding... ;)

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Awww then my joke wasn't so tasteful :/ s

Jane said...

Naah, no problem friend, no worry at all. :)

sarah said...

Hey Jane, you tagged me but am confused where, what to do next. Hey love that there is a joker in you trying to break out. Sarah

Jane said...

Hi Sarah, what you can do next is to post onto your blog 7 other blogs that have inspired you one way or another, also say 7 things about yourself that others may know you better. :)

Poet said...

Interesting game. Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag!
Love the blog!

E_M_Y said...

Thanks for the description and tagness!

Would you mind if i don't play?

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again!
I will post the 7 things and and links in no time but I am just working on some new content for Addictive Photography.
I am planning to place the 7 blog links on my sidebar, I have actually been wanting to do that for a while.

Thanks again for the link to AP!

Jane said...

Poet, it's no big deal, :) .

EMY, it's ok if you don't have the time for this, I understand.

Francois, ya, do it whichever way you like, good. :)

- Jan - said...

Ah, I've just found out I've been tagged. Thanks, Jane. Now I have to get to work on it :)