In response to my last posting, Neen has commented,

"Jane, because I've met too many "Christians" like the one you've mentioned, I avoid them. But there ARE those who set an example of Christian love and living. My best friend, YOU. I feel peaceful when I read your true love and spirit of Christ.*HUG*"

I thank Neen for her kindness and friendship. Being addressed as a "best friend" makes my day. Thank you Neen. :)

However, I can't bask in this compliment. Why? Because I'm too modest? No ... Simply because I know I don't fit the bill. I've a temper and I am the type who can shoot off my mouth without thinking. I've my 'fair' share of experiences hurting people. Why? Because I'm imperfect. Why are Christians like this? Let me throw some light on this ...

Who are the Christians? People who are kind, good and gentle? Well, we're supposed to be like this isn't it? We're supposed to resemble our Saviour, Jesus Christ who is meek and gentle. But fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and pre-believers have to understand this, that while Christ IS perfect, we are NOT.

So the question remains, who are we? We're sinners (just like anybody else, but) SAVED by grace, God's grace. Anyone can receive God's grace through faith. So, we're just a category of people who recognize our sinful state and are willing to receive the righteousness ascribed to us through Christ.

When we say the sinner's prayer, we receive Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour. That's salvation. We have been sanctified by the blood of Christ! We have His righteousness ascribed to us, not through our own doing, because we can't. And that is just the beginning! We still look the same, behave the same and think the same most of the time. The next stage is regeneration, which is when God takes our entire lifetime to mould us. Those who are more obedient grow faster, but some just grow old and never grow up. The last stage is glorification and this is the time when we reach the end of our life's journey and we see Jesus face to face. This is the time when He will complete our salvation and make us like Him.

In my pilgrimage, I've fallen several times and have many regrets in my life. That's why I've posted the Christian's experience as a cracked pot and an incomplete building earlier.

The brother I wrote about has a painful childhood, so that could have affected his present state. He is often defensive, but perhaps that's due to him having to fend for himself growing up without a father ... I don't know.

As for me, I was given away twice in my first year of infancy. I was brought up in a dysfuntional foster home. My foster mum was physically and emotionally abused as a child. In turn, she abused me emotionally for many years though she did so unintentionally some of the time. I'd cried myself to sleep so many nights. All my pillows were tear-stained. After becoming a Christian in my adolescence, I was still curt and hurting for many many years before I could better control my temper. I thank God for His faithfulness and mercy, bearing with me all these years.

I am still a house under construction. I am now wise enough to know that I can never be too old to learn, and should NEVER stop learning. When I know I've a wrong attitude and I just can't change it, I would pray to God to help me be willing to be changed. Because I'm not a gracious person by nature, God always have to take months to get through to me, but eventually, God is able to help me see things His ways and supply me with His power to change. And I'm changing slowly, line upon line, precept upon precept till the day I die.

Jesus came to save the loss, the gamblers, the thieves, the ladies of the night, ANYONE, who is wise enough to accept His forgiveness and salvation. This is a free gift. He is still knocking on the doors of many hearts, to receive Him. He doesn't care what you have done before, but how, with His help, you can receive pardon and the abundant life He has promised you. He doesn't want anyone to perish.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. If anyone feels God's prompting, you can receive Him now with this prayer where ever your are. :)

So Neen, I'm really ... you know ... but God is not finished with me yet! :)


- Jan - said...

I really don't know what to say, Jane, other than God bless you. May the good Lord gives you strength and wisdom to carry on. Always remember God's promise. He will always be there for you :)

MilesPerHour said...

I am so with you on this description of who we Christians are. There isn't much more I can add.

I am what you describe.

Neen said...

But that's what inspires me, that you aren't perfect and you don't pretend to be. My few friends who are Christians inspire me in the same way. Their day in, day out examples, HUMAN examples, they get angry, they aren't perfect, but still they live with a faith and love and compassion that always comes through and always makes ME want to be that better person too. They GROW and LEAN and MOVE towards the light of God...always. They, and you, make me feel more at ease and closer to a God I've rejected for a very long time.

Jane said...

Thanks. For those of us in Christ, let us soldier on, for pre-believers, look to Jesus and not men. :)