A Lighted Flame

"I am grateful for the ability to still feel grateful and appreciative for life and the many things it offers despite being let down time and again by certain people. If I loose this ability to feel grateful, I may end up loosing my faith altogether. I am at a low point of my faith now actually, but with that being said, I'm still grateful for:

1. God watching over us.
2. A wonderful family.
3. The ability to move around.
4. Yes, coffee, tea, AND chocolate. :)"

I've posted this comment in a simple yet impactful blog called the Alighted Flame that encourages us to be thankful and grateful for everything and anything, not taking the smallest things for granted that is. Go in and take a look for yourself and share what you are grateful for. :)


A Lighted Flame said...

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts of gratitude on my blog!

And, I appreciate your kind and thoughtful post, Jane:)

Jane said...

You're most welcome. :)

Christine said...

WOW .... thank you!!! This was perfect this morning!

Jane said...

Christine, :) :) :)

myra said...

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