Sales - A Lesser Job?

Once, an ex-classmate saw me selling books at a counter and exclaimed, "No need lah!" which is our way of saying, "I'm sure you can do better than this, why suffer!" I cringed.

Perhaps it's my cold acting up that I'm a little melancholic lately, toying with the thought that perhaps I should move on to a more respectable job? A sales job isn't the most sought after job in my country. Many people look down on sales people. There is not one single sales-person out there who doesn't have a story to tell of his/her client from h*** .
It's funny how basic courtesies are discarded when people meet salesmen. I once visited a family that let their dog barked at me without restraint while they expect me to tell them the purpose of my visit above the din. When I couldn't make myself heard above the ferocious barking, the man arrogantly waved me away. I left after glancing at the huge cross hanging on their front door.
And my colleagues had it worse when they were literally 'swept' away during a home-visit. They were talking to the man of the house at the door while the woman of the house stood between them and swept dust right onto their feet! In Asian culture, this is the worst insult! You sweep dirt out of the house, NOT people.
Each time I face rejection, I take them in my strides as part and parcel of my job, but I can't help feeling a sense of disappointment when someone disregard another fellow human being with such disdain. And when I meet Christians who misbehave thus, my disappointment doubles.
May God have mercy on snobbish people that they won't find themselves retrenched and soliciting for sales on the streets! Then, there are nice people who, by choice, choose to be gentle with us, offering us drinks, treating us as guests, may the Lord richly bless and reward these kind souls, many of whom aren't Christians.
So, while my ex-classmate misconceives that I'm down and out, she has no idea that I've chosen one of the most challenging careers in the world! I know God is working out His plans in my life through this job and as long as God is with me, I don't care what others think of me. :)


MilesPerHour said...

Long ago when I graduated from college I could not find a job in either of the 2 fields I graduated in. I ended up wiping tables. I decided that I would be the best table wiper in the business.

Analisa said...

Good post.
I too am disappointed when I see such behavior from Christians. But Jesus isn't, he knows already that some have not reached the level of committment that dosen't just shows up at church, but in how we treat others. He forgives them and we must too, just as we need forgiveness. I can't imagine how hard it is to sell door to door. I worked in stores and most folks who came in wanted to spend money on something. I am in a job were someone already asked "Isn't this a step down for you?" At the time I said yes. I regretted that later. It is only a step down if it is not done like I am working for the Lord. I've had jobs with money and some prestige, but if God doesn't want me there,then it is like working in dung.

Take rest for your cold and your spirit. Have a blessed week.

Pttyann said...

"Right on Sister Hang in there" God will give you more rewards.
Love ya

Jane said...

Thank you all. How we treat people whether we like them or not is the true mark of what we really are inside.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

It is indeed challenging. God be with you. Yes, some people can be incredibly awful, but we don't have to react in the same way. Learning to treat people well in the face of bad treatment of you is something God can help us do, and I believe that God smiles when He sees us succeed at this.