Ten Promises To My Dog

After wiping my eyes and blowing my nose, I would like to share this movie with you: Ten Promises To My Dog . It's in Japanese, but it has English subtitles.

It's about a dog and a mother, don't get mixed up, it's not about a mother dog, but a dog, and I think the movie is more on the mother's thoughts really, and not the dog's, the mother dies, and the dog dies eventually, and er, well, before I confuse you further, just watch it ok? You may shed a tear or two, but you'll enjoy it.

My soju.com has broken it up into 8 parts, be patient, watch them all, it's a beautiful show. Perhaps you can come back here and share your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

i jane im following your blog!

from what you said you might like mine too, tell me your thoughts and be a follower x lisa x


Rick's Time On Earth said...

What a wonderful blog you have. Thanks for the link!

Jane said...

Welcome, Rick. :)

Jane said...

Hi Lisa, sure, I'll follow your blog for blog community support! I'd been a full-time housewife for the longest time, but I'm trying to earn some income now as a part-timer, on-line or off-line. :)

Non-imaginary said...

such a lovely blog Jane:)

Jane said...

Thanks. :)