Here's Your Hottie

"Here's your hottie ..." my spouse says to me.

Gasp! "What hottie? Since when do you start talking about hottie?"

"Your hot tea ..." he continues nonchalantly.

"Oh, haha, do you know what's a hottie?"

Puzzled, "Ya, proud?"



"No, no, er yes, haughty IS proud, but I mean, er ... never mind."

Sheesh, confusing English!


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

awww..this was fuuunnny..lol

astrogalaxy said...

Also thanks for visiting my blog and hope that you'll enjoy your visit to Sungei Buloh too!

Jane said...

:) I thought it wise NOT to explain what's a hottie to him, lest it fuels his imagination!

Non-imaginary said...

lol..you have such a sweet blog.and that's why I'm passing an award to you..Check it on my blog :)

Libertine said...

lol. Sounds like a few conversations I had with my husband...

Jane said...

Hi Libertine, welcome to my blog :)
and thank you for your award Non-imaginary. Btw, have you fully withdrawn from coffee? :)