Rats & Mosquitoes

Just saw the news that the economic downturn is so bad in Taiwan that well-educated out-of-job professionals are competing for the post of rat-catchers! They have to undergo an aptitude test, catching rats. If successful, they'll get about US$500 a month. Goodness! Is it good salary? Desperate times call for desperate actions. Perhaps they are saddled with debts or something.

Hm, what am I to do comes next Friday, my last day of employment? Well, I won't catch rats even if they have it here in Singapore. I mean, yes we have rats here, but I haven't heard of rat-catchers. I can't stand rats. What else can I catch then, to make a living here? Oh yes ... mosquitoes!

Our region is having a dengue outbreak and we have 'environment officers' checking houses, parks and drains for larvae. A friend of mine who was laid off from his executive post has been doing this. He likes his job cos it gives him lots of exercise and it's doing good to his blood-pressure. He does look better and more relaxed.

Hmmmm ... lots of walking eh? It's somewhat alluring ... unless I get bitten ... ummm ... worth considering ...


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

On the bright side, we all could use some fresh air :)

Jane said...

Yup, it's good if there's a job that pays well and give you a good workout as well huh?