Excuse Me

Dear faithful few who bother to find out what's happening in my mundane life,

I've to make an apology. There are so many things going on inside my mind that I can't concentrate on any single task, let alone blogging. I know there's this 'sister award' thingy going on in some blogs where fellow bloggers show their appreciation to each other by giving out 'awards'. This is a wonderful gesture, but I'm sorry I can't find the time to do anything about it. I appreciate the award handed to me, and I really appreciate those great blogs I'm following once in a while. Diverse thoughts, rich emotions, interesting lives ... thanks, but you'll be missing me for a while till I sort out new directions in my life again. :)

Each of you deserve an award, erm ... the ... erm, (?) I shall try to come up with a name for your award later. Meanwhile, SMILE! :)

Take care everyone!



Libertine said...

Good luck. I'll be here when you come back :-)

Jane said...

This is so sweet, thank you. :)

Master William said...

Your leaving? Hate to see you go. I started reading a blog titled "I think I can" about a caterpillar, it was listed on my blogs I follow but when I click on it, it says it doesn't exist. Well, I look forward to you coming back.

Master William said...

....oops! it was a story about a snail.