A Gracious Exit

Aaargghh ... have lots of stirrings within, wonder how to post this, thoughts are all jumbled up ...

Well, today's my last day of work. Since they have only regarded me as a temporary contract staff, they were taken by surprise when I brought 2 cakes to 'celebrate' my departure. They've expected me to leave quietly. Nah, won't do. If we don't make life interesting for ourselves, who else will do so for us? :)

We've a good time chatting, cracking jokes, exchanging thank-yous and all other niceties. (They're obliged to do so 'cos they're eating my cakes! Haha, just joking ...) ;)

Ah 'tis the art of a gracious exit, a skill I've learnt from a former colleague. Whatever the reason for leaving, never burn bridges. I've honestly and sincerely treated them as friends. It doesn't matter that the time was short. I've enjoyed their different personalities and have indeed learnt life's lessons from interacting with them.

They're very generous towards me too, quickly sneaking off to buy me presents etc. I just can't outgive them!

Last impressions are as impactful as first's. Thank God for a good closure to this chapter of my life. I've exited with pleasant memories. :)


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Dignified exit, hats off :)

Jane said...

Heheheh, thanks. I want to leave on positive terms, you know, and also indicate the possibility of my return if they have another part-time opening in the future. :)