Officially Unemployed

I'm now officially unemployed. Have been applying for part-time or temporary contract jobs off and on, but spending more time organizing stuff at home. Now I've the time to attend to other matters.

Being unemployed isn't totally bad (IF you've already made provision for a rainy day), as you can take the time to do things which you would otherwise not find the time to do, OR, finding excuses not to do.

I've started exercising again, daily for at least an hour each time, just by brisk walking in the park. It is good. And I'm watching my diet once more. Exercise lifts up one's moods and I'm really happier to find myself fitting better into my clothes again. :)

The next thing on my mind ... has the world's market bottoms out? What should we do? I need the time to re-examine our finances; how much we've lost, how much we still have, and how to re-position ourselves henceforth.

Then I intend to brush up my microsoft skills in preparation for a new job. Or perhaps I can run courses of my own? Hmmmm ...

Also toying with the idea of joining some internet programmes for a side income (I'm not totally new to internet marketing, so I'll be going in with my eyes open).

Oh, it's a good time to catch up with friends, go for Church camp and perhaps a short holiday, etc. Ah, there are endless things to do.

Thank God for life, its ups and downs, its possibilities and potentials. Whether another part-time job's coming soon, I shall enjoy, cherish and embrace every day of my mundane life. :)

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