Angry Young Man

I met an angry young man yesterday. His job was to clear dishes at a public eatery. As usual after Church service, we went to this eatery for lunch and I helped clear the table by removing a tray. I thought I was doing a favour by helping to return the tray to the cleaner's trolley. But before I could put down the tray, it was tore forcefully from my hand! I was totally shock by the young cleaner's rudeness as I started flinging away the waste water that was spilled onto my hands.

Undeterred, he flared his eyes at me and shouted, "WHERE DID YOU GET THIS TRAY!!!"

"I've no idea..." 'cos I didn't put it there myself...


I couldn't believe his temper! I wished somebody would leash him there and then before he charged at me. I'd a few choices then, one, to challenge him, get his name so that I can lodge a complaint against him and get him out of job, two, stand my ground and tell him, "SHUT UP, JUST DO YOUR JOB!", or ..., something more peaceful.

He was the one with the bad attitude, not me, so I chose the easier way out of that sticky situation. I touched his shoulder slightly and said, "You don't have to be like this young man..." and I turned and hurried off as fast as I could, not giving him a chance to challenge me further.

When I sat down, I saw him complaining about my unpardonable sin to the other customers... Why did he kick up such a fuss? Perhaps I shouldn't have put that tray onto his trolley, but couldn't he just explain why?

The thoughts that ran through my mind; he must be a school drop-out, uneducated, couldn't find a better job, sick of clearing cups and plates, sick of returning trays to the rightful stall-keepers, and sick of customers making his job more complicated, more drudgery than it was... Frankly, I was thinking if he couldn't handle such a simple job, what good is he?

In stark contrast to him, I've met another young man who has been through much hardships but that didn't stop him from treating others with respect!

ATTITUDE, it makes ALL the difference in life!


MTJ said...

Hi Jane,

The reasons why people are angry and frustrated are as numerous as the stars in the sky; the reality is they do not understand their purpose. Purpose gives meaning to one's life; it is something valued and treasured.

Jesus said, "for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

I believe you made the wise choice of your available options. His anger would only have been exacerbated by attempting to discuss anything further. All one can do is pray for him.

Blessings and peace.


Anonymous said...

Pen and ink is wits plough...................................................................

建枫 said...


Jane said...

Thanks MTJ, I know. 佳张,建枫,谢谢!还没人告诉我,你们是怎么找到我的???