Too Old?

Have been job searching.

Saw an ad: "Part-time admin support needed".

Called up, "Hi, I'm responding to your ad for admin part-timers, may I know more about the job?"

Response, "How old are you?"

Reply, "51" (coming to that is)

Reaction, "Oh, I think you're too old for the job ..."

Hm ... I'm too old eh? Not exactly surprised by this reaction ... though it can still be discouraging to hear it. But hey! My comfort is, we're all growing older, nally nally boo boo, unless you're a Benjamin Button (interesting movie).

Now for some intriguing, mind-boggling, soul-searching questions.

What has age got to do with a part-time admin post? Do I have to carry heavy stuff? Do I have to solve the mystery of the beginning of the universe? (Although I know how it all began, ahem) Honestly, will the young be willing to do mundane part-time admin duties for the long haul? They are restless and won't stay long, unless this job pays exceedingly well, which I doubt.

Shrug. I'm not complaining, just thinking aloud.

Today's newspaper carries an article on the prejudices faced by older folks from all walks of life. All older people, regardless of their educational level, skills or stations are facing this problem.


But take comfort, God loves you all the same. :)


nobody said...


i saw your link on the blogger "coffee shop" forum, and thought i'd stop by. i'm sorry that you're having trouble finding work! i'm also really surprised they asked you straight-up what your age is. are they even allowed to do that?

i think there are laws that are supposed to prevent age-related discrimination, but good luck getting them enforced.

nobody of
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Hazel said...

God loves you - and I'd hire you if I needed someone for 4 hours a day (I don't) and if you lived closer (you don't). Discriminating aginst someone because of their age is WRONG.

Jane said...

Thank you 'Nobody' and Hazel for your concern. I know they're wrong. They should look at a person's capability and not his/her age, unless the job requires speed and strength. Anyone can handle part-time admin job. Alright Hazel, I may consider moving closer to you if you promise to hire me ;) . Let me now go check where you are ...

Jane said...

Gasp! United Kingdom. Hee, that's a wee bit too far, but thanks for the thought Hazel, much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

I've worked as a secretary at a private school, I had specific orders from my boss not to hire people over 50,people that I did not find attractive or too overweight. I confronted him and still hired some of these people some of them stayed because regardless of not meeting my boss requirements they were excellent teachers.
After a while I became desensitized and once even made a comment about old people winning the lottery,saying that it was very ironic that they win the lottery and wont have time to enjoy it because they will die soon.
Looking at all this I really regret saying this and I apologized to the people that I offended, for letting others influence my opinion and eventually becoming like them.


Jane said...

It's all right, Shania, we all make mistakes, human beings, being human, will always be human. Get it? :)

MilesPerHour said...

Aging, yuck. My mind is in it's twenties and this athlete's body has been beat on.

Discrimination will always be out there whether it's in the open or hushed and that is too bad. Whatcha gonna do?

You are right though, God doesn't discriminate.

You have a new follower.