My Cup's Half Full

I'm supposed to be doing something more important other than blogging! But what the heck, blogging is therapeutic. Let me release some steam here and then go do what I'm supposed to do :)

Unhappiness can be contagious and negative vibes can spread like plagues!

Life dishes out endless lessons in both good and bad circumstances. And if you manage to learn something from them, be they bad circumstances or bad relationships, they are all but character-building tools used by God to shape and mould you. Observing others' behaviours and drawing lessons from them can shorten your own learning curve and save you from many a hard knock in life. You can learn what TO DO from positive people, and what NOT TO DO from negative people.

I've been lamenting about my circumstances lately and grumbled far too much, so much so that I'm beginning to loathe myself. I decide that enough is enough! Kinda give myself a hard knock on my head for whining so much. Why the heck should I complain? Why, I'm so blessed in my life, I should stop whining and feeling sorry for myself, or wishing for better things to come!

I must stop seeing my cup as half empty instead of half full!

Ok, I shall snap out of my disgruntlement.


Instead of looking at the things you don't have, look at the things you have.
Instead of feeling inadequate at things you don't do well, be diligent in the things that you do.


Neen said...

*SNAP*! *L*
I've been reading your thoughts and love your honesty and your outlook on things. It's so very nice to meet you Jane!

Jane said...