Work Like A Pro

Been thinking ... how often have we, in the course of our work, grumbled about the things we have to do or about the people (supervisors, colleagues or clients) we have to serve?

Phillipians 2:14-15a (TNIV)
"Do everything without grumbling or arguing,
so that you may become blameless and pure,
children of God without fault ... "

When pressures mount and fatigue sets in, I have grumbled and mumbled about the work I have to do. Sometimes, I am also tempted to think that others should have made my work easier!

"If only they're more considerate and arrange these forms sequentially before passing the mess to me, then I will be able to work faster!"

"If only they would read the given instructions first, then they would'nt need to clarify with me thus wasting my time!"

If only, if only ... if only everyone does what he/she is supposed to do, then there will be peace on earth and mankind shall dwell in unity, amen. But life is never so easy eh?

Have you ever wondered why you are paid to do your job?

You are paid to provide SOLUTIONS, not to create more PROBLEMS.

Think about it, if you allow yourself to react to problems all the time instead of being proactive, you'll soon develop a destructive work attitude and pattern that will affect your performance. Your job will seem harder and you won't enjoy it. However, if you try to understand the perspectives of others and try to solve their problems, then you'll truly be contributing and will feel a sense of accomplishment.

I've been thinking, the onus to be positive or negative at work lies with me. For example, if I loose my temper, the TRUTH is that I've chosen to do so. The other party doesn't have the power to make me loose my temper if I don't want to.

Since the choice is mine, I am bent on handling myself more professionally at work. I shall not let annoying people get the better of me and unconsciously degenerate into a disgruntled inept. Yes, be slow to anger, take things in my strides, plan, organize and pre-empt so that I can discharge my duties more efficiently.

Solve problems. It is for this purpose that you and I are employed. :)

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