Do You Lie?

"Say they're not in" someone advised me.

"I shall not lie" I responded.

"Well I'd said it already" she replied.

"But I won't lie" I insisted.

"A white lie is ok" To this, I simply smiled and continued my reading.

This brief conversation kept me thinking. I was like, "Oh dear, was I too blunt in my response ...? Did I unwittingly hurt her feelings?" I didn't mean to judge anyone, but I just made my choice, NOT to do something I was not convinced of.

Do I lie? Have I ever lied?

Well ... I'm a saint. Ahem. ;)

Clarification - it's God who calls me a saint, I didn't call myself one, bleah, but was a sinner saved by grace! I'm fallible, of course I've ever lied, sometimes, to save my chiny chin chin. I'm not holy holy that I won't ever succumb to wrong-doing when things happen so fast that I can't think straight. Yes, this happens, as much as I'm also trying to do the right things. But I won't pre-determine to lie.

If in a moment of weakness, I do or say things I shouldn't have, then I've indeed slipped and sinned. But I'm not going to consciously accomodate lies in my daily life.

Ah, blogging is therapeutic, the load's off my chest now, I shall go to bed, good night.

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