We All Need A Little Encouragement Once In A While!

A few days' back, I posted the following message in Blogger Discussion Group; The Coffee Shop:
"Hi, I'm blogging for the first time. Here's my blog www.daysofourlives-jane.blogspot.com . Would like to make friends with like-minded people. Do drop me a note. Thanks. :) "

... and was pleasantly surprised to see responses from fellow bloggers from different parts of the world!

AV from http://netherregionoftheearthii.blogspot.com/ and http://tomusarcanum.blogspot.com/ wrote: "Well written blog, enjoyed the stories about making money."

Michael from http://doyouhateittoo.blogspot.com/ wrote: "Days of our Lives is a good, good soap. Nice blog. =D"

Croutons from http://croutonsblog.blogspot.com/ wrote: "Greetings blogger with the artistry to compose such a harmonious blog pleasing to the eye and worth a read. Reading it was deep and provocative and made me reflect on my own situations with the topics you wrote about, like motivations and having people want to listen to you. The look of the blog itself is professionally put together even just for a hobby, it looks better than most websites. Nice, I will be looking forward to reading more new posts."

Jessa from http://jessicalikestoexist.blogspot.com wrote: "Welcome jane. I checked out your blog, and left a comment. I can't wait to read more of your posts."

I replied to all: "Thank you AV, Michael, Croutons and Jessah! I've had a hard time finding this thread after I first posted here, thus the late reply. Thanks for the encouragement."

To return the favour, I visited all their blogs. Interesting read. They came from such diverse backgrounds! We connected, but for a moment due to our common interest - blogging. Hm, such is the power of the internet, connecting people who have never met, and perhaps, will never meet.

Dear fellow bloggers, your simple act of kindness and encouragement is acknowledged and received with gratitude. Thank you very much. :)

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