Don't Love Me So Much!

"Please don't love me so much 'cos I'm afraid to hurt you again!"

These words came from a young lady whom I'm mentoring at work and encouraging in the Lord. She has told me this before, and has again reminded me today after a rough patch we've been through recently.

I'm a little amused and bewildered. Oh yes, it's a challenge loving and taking care of her, yet I'm sure that the Lord has entrusted this task to me.

I don't exactly know her expectations, 'cos I'm actually mentoring another young man at this point in time... She seems to miss me terribly, and yet asks me not to love her so much??? So, what should I do, I'm asking God and myself???


MTJ said...

Hi Jane,

There seems to be a paradox to what the young lady is saying (and possibly what she's feeling). I think when one is just beginning the journey of Christian faith, it is difficult to navigate spiritual principles immersed in the emotions of one's life.

Perhaps it would help to talk with her and find out what's going on in her life and get her to convey her expectations of the relationship between you and her.

Even if she is no longer being mentored by you, let her know your friendship is not withdrawn.

I pray that our Lord give you the necessary insight that allows you to please Him and fulfill the mentoring work you've invested yourself in.



Edie said...

Just keep doing as God directs.

Thanks for visiting my blog recently!

Jane said...

Hi MTJ and Edie, I'll try my best :) .

Anonymous said...