Inspiration Surpasses Knowledge

Which is more important? Inspiration or knowledge?

I would go for the former. After the release from her former sales team, I saw how my young colleague gave her best to her work. While she had not been able to really sell on her own in the past, she started making sales even for products which are challenging to sell, and she did it without any sample copy to show her customers, she just rattled off and sold! I don't think anyone in my company has done this.

But an unfortunate incident happened after her success. In the very first training given by her new manager, and after watching her mock presentation for that particular product, how she sold without showing any sample, her new manager said, "You've no product knowledge and your customers bought because they are easy customers who agree to everything you've said, you won't be able to sell if you continue like this, I want you to learn ...."

My heart sank a few inches lower than where it should be when I heard this comment. God knows how much time and labour I've put into this young lady to build up her confidence, and her new manager just shot it down within seconds!

My new colleague hasn't been selling lately because it's the Chinese New Year season and very few families would entertain salesmen. But if there's any traces of doubt in my younger colleague's mind after that training session, I plead with God, "Oh please God, D'ONT let history repeats itself, please help her to continue in the success you've given her!"

Her recent success was due largely to a sense of liberation and inspiration after getting out of her former stifling team. I disagreed vehemently to what her new manager said of her. She may need to improve herself in product knowledge, but certainly, without a shadow of doubt, she HAS the aptitude to sell and she WILL succeed!

May the Lord preserve her faith and confidence! No careless words spoken against her shall prevail against the work that the Lord has begun in her!

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