Can't Please All

I've made a choice lately, leaving my sales-group to join another group within the same company. I brought 2 others along. In the mini 'exodus', I've offended a number of people, then again, I've made life so much easier for those I've 'rescued'.

Life in the former group was restrictive and almost oppressive. Standards were low and unless you're industrious, resourceful and independent, you won't grow as a professional. The last straw came when someone tried to bull-doze his ways through, disregarding the feelings of others. When an act of bullying was committed before my very eyes, minor as it was, but one that was significant enough to catch my attention, and to ponder its meaning and repurcussion, I made an impulsive decision to LEAVE and persuaded 2 to follow. We left.

Now, we're all having a breather, doing things with more focus, deliberation and better than ever. At first I was afraid I'd made a wrong choice that might negatively affect my colleagues, but God is merciful. He has made all things worked together for good. My younger colleague, the one who was not accorded respect nor properly trained in the former group, is now soaring. She's given a new hope and future. I thank God for her excellent performance this month, praise God.

Looking back, I didn't exit with proper grace, we left in a hurry, with little explanation, we just packed up and left without turning our heads, enough was enough, I couldn't afford to let my young colleague take another blow, couldn't afford to let her faith and confidence shaken AGAIN. We must go before it was too late, so off we went!

I have had my misgivings that I could have left with more grace and a proper explanation, but even if I had to do it all over again, given my temperament, I would have done the same thing.

I accept responsibility for my rash act, but the past is the past, all I'm concern with now is to contribute to the present group, and fulfill God's commission to me, i.e. to take care of the foreigners in my sphere of influence.


Libertine said...

You've done the very thing you should. There is no excuse for bullying anywhere and anyone. Taking the vulnurable under your wings is something not everyone would do. You are a remarkable woman. All the best to you and your collegues.

Analisa said...

Jane I am so glad you left that enviroment. Remember when Jesus called the fishermen to follow them they dropped their nets immediately and left.

One man when he was called wanted to go home first and get everything organized. Jesus rebuked him.

Sometimes God calls you to do something quickly. He knows us and knows that sometimes we try to figure out how it should be done when he wants us to act NOW. He gave your former group time to do the right thing. They refused so he took his people out to a place of blessing. I will be praying for you and your friends continued prosperity.

Jane said...

Thank you for your encouragement Libertine and Analisa. This turn of events is definitely for the better for my colleague. For me, it has caused me a wee bit of inconvenience, but perhaps, it's going to work out better in due course.