Mouths Talking

Either way you loose, so to speak. Just a quick sharing here. You will see what I mean BUT I'm not defeated.

Still musing over yesterday's uncalled for comment from my colleague that I'm "unfit" for the job, this thought came into my mind this morning, "Either way, you loose". That is no matter how you're performing in your job, you will not be able to shut the mouths of people who just like to pass comment on you.

I've been working hard at my job and honestly, I've always been over-delivering in all my previous places of employment, in terms of the quality and quantity of work. All my supervisors will attest to this fact. I've my fair share of compliments about my job attitude and performance. So when some colleagues who are working in the same field but in different centers enquire about the things I've been doing in my center, I share with them, thinking that we're mutually exchanging useful info that will enhance each other's work, and for mutual support and edification, especially when such sharing is among Christians. But what I get back from some of them is this, "You're working too hard, doing too much, you've spoilt the market for us!" They feel intimidated that I've over-shadowed them. BUT that isn't my intention, I just simply apply myself fully to my job, I want to do well, to answer to myself, using my God-given abilities to do a job well that would well testify to the faith I hold. I've never aim to show anyone down, I only worry that I'm not doing well enough.

So there, when I do well, they talk, when I fall and grumble about the difficulties in my job, they talk, either way, I can't win... so to speak.

After a cup of coffee, suddenly I wise up this morning, so be it. It's my choice! I will continue to give my best to my job, and complain less (can't say for sure that I can internalise all nonsense without a sound).

So that's it. Life continues. :) Thanks for listening.

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