A Parenting Incident

About 22 years’ ago, while sitting on the couch, I stood my younger son who was about 2 years of age between my knees and decided that it was time to introduce God to him.

“Hmm, how shall I explain an invisible God to him and His relationship with us?” I thought.

“Yong, mommy is going to tell you about Somebody ok?” He looked at me with his trademark puzzled but very adorable look.

“There is Someone you’ve got to know dear and His name is God. Now God loves you more than mommy does. You know, although mommy gave birth to you, God was actually the One who made you inside me. God is great and He has made you wonderfully.”

“Look, see how good you are?” I touched his shoulders and asked him to look at himself. Then I continued, “See you can turn your head left and right!”

I really didn’t know how to explain better and thought my example was rather lame. I also thought that he must be quite lost with what I’d said or would rather go play with his toys. But he didn’t pull away from me…

Instead, my little boy started turning his head from left and right very slowly as if he was turning his head for the first time. Then he marveled at his ability and announced, “Mommy, look… I can turn my head!”

This episode brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. My younger son has grown into a strong young man of 23 but I will always remember the fascinated look on his face that day. Something special happened to him that day. Something registered in his young heart. Was it self-awareness that he was fearfully and wonderfully made by his Creator? I don't know but I believe my boy had experienced his first touch from the Lord that day, and is still experiencing Him today.

I thank God for both of my sons who have brought us so much blessings. :)

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rcubes said...

Awesome story and despite his young age, quickly grasped what was meant to be! I was crying when my oldest brother had shared His gift with my son when he was 8 and my bro. asked him, "How do I know that you understand and know Jesus?" My son replied, "I know uncle...Jesus is in my heart."

His hands will make them ready to open up and let Him grow inside, no matter what the age. Our Father is truly the best!

Blessings to you.