The Cycle Of Life

I see the frustration and bewilderment on my mother-in-law's face as she lies helplessly in the hospital bed. This once active lady can barely move now, but her sharp intellect remains intact which actually add to her woes as she can think but can't do as she pleases, but relies heavily on the mercy of others around her. Although her family rallies around her, she can't help but feels useless and depressed.

Flipping through some old photos, I'm reminded of her happier times. A time when "Ye Ye" (my father-in-law) was around.

As I watch her suffer, I begin to worry about my turn to grow old and infirmed.

Once my elder son said, "Mom you're looking older in your photos."
"Of course" I replied, "If I don't grow old, you won't grow up!"

Such is the cycle of life.

My mother-in-law spent her entire life serving her family and placing every member's needs above hers. She has been the pivotal point in her family and there will surely be emptiness in her children's lives when she passes on. But such is the cycle of life, we raise our families, our children keeps us busy, give us meaning and continues our lives even after we are gone. Our children continue our lives because a part of us lives in them.

Yes, life continues and we don't have to worry about the future because Jesus specifically told us not to.

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