Blog Interview

Mike from www.bloginterviewer.com did a short interview with me.

He says, "It is not mandatory, but we always appreciate it when our interviewees mention their interview with us on their blog or post a badge in their sidebar. This not only promotes your blog, but also shows that we interviewed you. Starting April 1st we'll be giving up to $1,000 in prizes to the top 18 rated bloggers for the month of April. To vote you and your readers must come to the blog interview and click on the "Thumbs up" button. The top rated blogs are also showcased on the sidebar of the site for everyone to see."

Those of you who would like to be interviewed yourself can write to Mike at michaelrthomas@gmail.com . :)


MTJ said...

Hello Jane,

I've been blogging for almost a month now and grace enabled me to find your blog during my first week. In the first post I read by you, you wrote about the four men lowering a paralyzed friend through the roof of a home to be healed by Jesus. I find your writing to be honest and encouraging.

My reason for bloggling came from a basic desire to write my thoughts about my personal relationship with Christ and what certain aspects of Christian thought mean to me.

Thanks again and blessings Jane for being a part of this community.

My Thought-filled Journey

Jane said...

Hi MTJ, I'm encouraged by your encouragement and long for more fellowship with Christians all over the world through this blogging medium. :)