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I have noticed how facebook would erase our earlier entries/posts nowadays and so I'm going to re-post here in my blog what I've posted on my fb today:

(1)Walk the Talk. Whatever your faith and belief, walk the talk. Angry speech and actions do not help at resolving differences at all. Someone once said about the christian faith, "You don't win anyone to Christ by winning an argument." That's right! I am tired of hearing people emphasizing on the importance of doctrines, yes I know that that is important, but more importantly is how we live.

(2)I just want to say something that has been on my mind for a long time but just haven't get around to writing it. When I was a sales consultant with a certain company promoting children's educational products, I often did rounds of cold-calling by knocking on the doors of total strangers. These are some of the memories etched in my mind. I remember the kind Indian lady who opened the door to me, listened patiently to me and then explained why she couldn't receive me; she was halfway through her Hindu prayer. I remember the Malay lady who honoured her word to complete her sale transaction with me even after a month's interval and the many kind Muslim families who had treated me as a human being when I knocked on their doors. I remember that not one single one of the foreigners who had opened their doors to me; the Cambodians, the Myanmar people, the Philippinos and one Nigerian had spoken to me in a condescending way, but treated me with such kindness. Who exhibited behaviours which are less than ... ? Mainly the local Chinese, and in one terrible instance, a chinese man with a big cross hung on his door - he let his dog barked at me knowing that I couldn't talk above the din and then waved me off with a flick of his hand as if I was a fly. As I think about all these years of relating with different people, I notice that the PRs were among the best folks I've ever met, they are polite and very positive in their outlook, we Singaporeans have so much to learn from them. What am I trying to say here? Perhaps I'm trying to say that actions speak louder than words no matter how right you think you are, that no one cares about what you say if you don't care about them. I'm saying this because I'm tired of hearing certain things said to me for the umpteen time, about doctrines, about how to live, about the PRs etc. Not all christians are angelic. Not all Singaporeans are wonderful. Learn from others. Walk the talk.

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