Till We Meet Again

Some days' back I'd posted a note that my mom-in-law was ailing. Just like to add here that she has gone home to the Lord. Just want to say here that I've lost a friend, a confidante, a life's guide, someone whom I'd looked up to and tried to emulate. She's an ordinary housewife, but her acts of kindness and tolerance had over the years touched many many lives including mine. I respect her and... I miss her, her children will find it hard to fill the void in their hearts. Yes, but despite this I know she is now safe and secure in God's arms, she's finally free from her sickness and pain, and I truly believe, we'll see her again in heaven. It is indeed a happy thought that when my turn comes, she'll be there to greet me along with Jesus. And thank God for the big reunion when it comes. :)


rcubes said...

May God's strength and comfort cover you and those people close to your MIL. Thanks be to God that because of Jesus, we have that hope of seeing our loved ones who are in Him again. I can't even comprehend that our get-together will be "eternal"...Take care sister.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day .....Let His Love flow forth until your cup runneth over

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Sorry for your loss, Jane. May your mother-in-law rest in peace, and may the good Lord hold you in His arms.